APO 41 July – November 1975


2 thoughts on “APO 41 July – November 1975

  1. Names (back row l to R) Abraham, Isaac, Matthews, Parkinson (CT) Brunton. Front L to R, Scannell, ? Abrahams (senior man), Priddy, Swann. I’ve racked my brains to remember the front second left, all I remember about him was he leant over a hot iron while pressing a shirt and burnt his tit.

    Bill Priddy ended up a Flt Lt at CIO Norwich, Nige Brunton mad cyclist and civvy instructor at Cosford, I think Terry Scannell had an ambition to be big in show business. The rest, who knows? Parkinson was an undeclared pacifist who was CT halfway through the course, he came from Devises and spoke like a yokel.
    Ian Matthews


  2. Actually it was Abrahams, and Iam still above ground, just, yes Remember Nigel Brunton, as you say mad cyclist, Mark Issacs, mad welshman, Bill Priddy believe his Dad was a Bootneck, ROYAL Marines, Terry Scannell, from Falmouth, his family ran a resteraunt I believe, old Man of the group was AL Swann, from stoke or crewe, yes little fella next to Terry Scannell, cockneyRebel, but cant remember his name, how it all comes back, last time I saw Bill Priddy was in 77,i was in London on my honeymoon and still cant believe this, but so was Bill, and we bumped into each other near Burlington Arcade, would love a copy of this photo as all mine were lost many years ago along with my hair, what fantastic memories


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