3. W O Jack Eggleston

W O Jack Eggleston1920 – 2012

Awarded The Don Munro trophy

Curator of the JSOP Museum

Author of  “Sensitometry for Photographers”

Born in Yorkshire, 20th March 1920, Jack joined the RAF as a Boy Entrant in 1936 and served at No 1 Photo Development Unit, Heston under the controversial Wing Commander Sidney Cotton.    He followed these units to St. Eval and then into France based at Seclin, in support of the British Expeditionary Force.  In 1941 he joined No 4 Mobile Field Photographic Unit landing in North Africa at Algiers. The unit followed the advance of the allied front line to La Marsa, where his C.O. was a rather unique American; Lieutenant Colonel Elliott Roosevelt (son of the US president). By 1943 he landed in Sicily and during a detachment to the island of Malta, he witnessed the surrender of the Italian fleet in Grand Harbour on September 10th.   From Anzio, the mobile units followed the allied armies to San Severo and up through Italy. After Germany surrendered in 1945, he moved to Austria, being close to the Russian occupying armies in Hungary and Yugoslavia.

In 1954 Jack married Renee Hoye, an ex-RAF photographer. Their son Peter was born in 1957. Sadly, Renee died tragically early in 1967 and he brought Peter up whilst working full time. He rose to the rank of Warrant Officer before he retired in 1975 and began a second career as an Instructional Officer at the school, during which he wrote “Sensitometry for Photographers”.  It won him international accolades in the world of scientific writings.  After retiring, he assisted Roy Nesbitt to write “Eyes of the RAF” and participated in several TV documentaries.   As a former curator of the JSOP museum, he helped to transfer it to the RAF Museum, Cosford – as the “Military Photography Gallery”, opened on June 16th 2000, by the late Lord Lichfield.

In 2006 the RAF Boy Entrants Photographic Association, presented Jack with a special lifetime award.

The Jack Egglestone Trophy and is awarded annually to the member of the RAF Photographers Association who during the preceding year, has made a major contribution to either the Association or the Trade generally.

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