Alex ‘Humph’ Humphrey 12 Aug 1939 – 21st Mar 2013


Breathe in, breathe out,
Breathe out,
This is how I’ll remember
Snore – you.
Arms crossed,
Book open,
Slight tap of foot –
Snore – as you dream.
Intelligent mind,
Saving itself,
For when it is needed.


One thought on “Alex ‘Humph’ Humphrey 12 Aug 1939 – 21st Mar 2013

  1. I first met Humph at Cranwell in 65 my first posting after the Cosford pass out. He taught me a lot about being a photog in the real air force. He said I stole his posting to Luqa in 66, but he followed me there a month later. After that we re-united again at Gutersloh. A good few tours together and more beers than I care to remember. RIP Humph.


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