Anthony (Fred) Perrin

Sadly, Anthony (Fred) Perrin, one of your RAFPA members  passed away on 8th May in Southend Hospital. I was an RAF photographer too and met Anthony, always known as Fred by me, after he was named that at square bashing as there were too many Anthony’s in his billet, back in 1958 at Wellesbourne Mountford for my Photo II training. He was there for conversion to Photo I, a long friendship.

With us there was another of your members, Alan Parker and if it is possible I would like to be able to contact him. “Fred” had met Alan at a couple of your recent reunions. He has attended on both his motor bike and in his classic Buick Coupe so likely remembered by some.

Derek Scott

Hello to all

It seems as if we are going to have to get used to receiving messages of members passing. I recall ‘Fred’ Perrin– that’s the only name that I knew him – in Malta (and I think we just passed when in Singapore).

He was a keen motorcyclists and, if I recall correctly, he raced his machines! He did indeed attend a couple of Reunions recently but I was not aware that he was not well. Too many are passing! Regards to all, and stay healthy

John Barry


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