2 thoughts on “APO Dick Braithwaite 1 MFPU RIP Flight RAF Wildenrath Dec 1970

  1. Good grief, this is me!! I have just found myself after 50 years and I had totally forgotten having this picture taken. Went to Wildenrath in July ’70 when 3, 4 and 20 squadrons were changing over from Hunters to Harriers. I arrived 3 days before the annual airshow and before I knew it was selling souvenirs, RAF Band records and other ephemera whilst practising my schoolboy German to the crowds of visitors spending their D Marks. Very happy memories of Wildenrath, especially the Theatre Club and the Astra cinema where, to keep myself out of the NAAFI bar every night, I became head projectionist. Also learned to drive and took my driving test in Mönchengladbach. Wildenrath looks totally different now, but then, so do I. Ah well, hair today, gone tomorrow.


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