Arthur Palmer – Photographer – School of Photography, Farnborough. 1942 to 1945

From Ellie Palmer,

My grandfather Arthur was an RAF photographer from 1942 to 1945. My father and I were sorting through some of the thousands of photos he still owns and found one of a group at the School of Photography at Farnborough.

On the back of one copy there is a list of names and on the other the signed names and addresses of those in the photo.

Signed names:

Raeburn (Jock?) Dobson, Edinburgh, Norman Baxter, Carlisle, Fraser M Niederer, Wairarpa, New Zealand,

Ronald F Smith, Eltham, P (Peter) A Harrison, Kingston-on-Thames, P (Peter) L Lelark, Folkestone,

Kenneth B Higgs, Maidenhead, Kenneth Hollings, Bradford, W Thomas (Tom) Liverpool,

Jack Samson, Wallington Sq, Claude V Griffin, Wapley

B.2. No1 S.O.P. Farnborough, Hants, March 1943

Back Row Standing L to R – Jock, ?, Norman, Fraser, Ron, Peter, Ken, Tom

Sitting L to R – Peter, Jack, Claud, Ken


With Love and Best Wishes from the Photographer Arthur

What I would love to be able to do is trace the men (or their families) in the photograph to make sure they have a copy of it and to show them other photos we believe were of the same group.

Unfortunately, my grandad Arthur is no longer well enough to really be aware of any of this, but it would be really wonderful if you had any resources you could share to try and find the men he shared his service with.

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