9 thoughts on “Atrels

    1. Hi Dave, I remember you and Wendy from RAF Wyton. Neil Hobbs here (SAC Hobbs APO) I remember the ATRELS. I have just made a model of the 543 Victor Camera Crate to fit the new Airfix Victor. I have it on Ebay with a lot of interest.


  1. I remember the ATRELS. Inside there was a type 11 processing machine on one side and opposite a type 12. I thought the interior design was good but a little cramped. The bad points were the individually steered wheels and if you went over an uneven road surface it was possible for a wheel to leave the ground. The out riggers had to be jacked up to remove wheels and a ratchet was used (seen in above photo being used to steer wheels). Problems could arise if the jacking was not synchronized on all four corners. I remember all in the photo except Alan Saunders. I was SAC Neil Hobbs, I worked on 543, 39 squadrons and at RIPF. Last year I visited RAF Wyton – wow it has changed.


  2. Many happy hours spent moving, clutching and working in the ATRELS, I have another photo of one being pulled out of the caves in Luqa if you want it let me know what the upload address is.


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