Brian Mateer

Brian Mateer ex photo G died last Monday 30th Sept. He was suffering from Lymphoma and passed peacefully at home. Some may have known him from Aden, Bahrain or JARIC. I know he also served in Germany.
Terry Knight Per Ardua brother
Don Lambert RIP Brian.
Chris Pettman So sorry to hear of Brian’s passing. A lovely guy.
Donald Adams Oh dear, RIP Brian. We were friends in Bahrain, frequenting the Helworthy House bar down town Manama and the RAFA club, getting there on his Honda50 which I later bought off him when he was posted back home. Later we met up in Brampton. Farewell mate.
Baz Walker Had the pleasure of serving with Brian out in Aden, great guy with a dry sense of humour , can’t remember how many times he had to help Kookie Proudfoot and I back to our block after too. many sherberts ! Great guy, enjoy the finishing room in the sky.
Robin Patrick Ellwood RIP Per Ardua Ad Astra
Tony Brewster R.I.P.
Roger Edwards RIP Brian. Remembering our days in Aden, Bahrain and also JARIC together. My condolences to your wife, family and friends you leave behind.

Gerry Linstead Very sorry to hear this, RIP Brian.
Michael Wilkinson I served with Brian at Bentley Priory early 70s.
We did a bit of work together fixing up cars and selling them as we were both billeted at Stanmore Park which had a motor club based in half a hanger with lots of space for budding entrepreneurs like us.
I’ve not seen him since being posted to Strike HQ in 73.

Keith Vaughan Brian Mateer, God rest his soul, and me were members of the 39th Entry Photographers at Cosford, 1960-61, Many of us will be sorry for his loss, and I too would like to offer my condolances to his Wife, Family, and network of close friends.

I recall him telling me that his father was a Sergeant/ Instructor at the School of Photography Wellsbourne-Mountford.

We last met in the 1980’s when Brian managed the Photographic Dept. at the Brighton College of Technology.

A pleasing photograph taken of Brian taken in Aden during 1967 appears in the website, and would like to ask that it accompany this message; should you put it up?

Furthermore the photograph shows him squatting down next to Cpl. Dave Humphrey – a not inappropriate and remote association at a personal level, perhaps.

After all, it helps to measure a person for the better by the company they keep.

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