Carole and David Humphrey

August/September 2016

As many RAFPA Members will know Carole and Dave died in August / September 2016; their deaths were not linked but occurred within a few weeks of one another, very sad but they are at peace together.

Dave was a big character in Trade Group 14, both in uniform, as a civilian and later in life as a volunteer at DSOP. In recent times he was the driving force behind the RAF Photographers Memorial, dedicated to ‘those who made a difference’ and Dave certainly qualified!

As Editor of Flashback I always received a call from Dave soon after the distribution of my latest offering, a bit of banter was exchanged and usually the promise of a piece of copy for a future edition – a true ‘team player’ for our Association!

From Mal Price, friend and colleague of Dave – David was a unique man who led a very full and diverse life. He joined the RAF in 1957 and trained as a photographic specialist at Wellsbourne Mountford. Then interspaced with postings in the UK to Brampton, Lindholme, Cosford, Wyton, and Wittering, he enjoyed service across Europe in Germany, Malta, Cyprus and real active service in the Middle East. (For those that knew him well, best not mention Aden!) These times were filled with so many fascinating stories, David had to write a book about it. (‘Legends and Heroes’).

David was a valued and highly respected Instructor at the School of Photography. A workaholic who liked to be in the thick of things and enjoying his moments in the spotlight. David was a great orator with a special way with words, confidently able to speak, holding the attention of audiences and people on all levels.

Following a serious downturn in his personal life David found wonderful support and companionship from Carole a family friend. Practicality turned to romance and their relationship flourished. They married in 1996 and together they set off to see the world.

David’s major fascination and enthusiasm has always been directed towards keeping our long and proud photographic history and heritage alive.

Sadly, RAF photography and the DSOP have lost an Ambassador of all things Photographic & Reconnaissance, and, we have all lost a really special man, so ably supported by an extraordinary lady.

By kind permission of the RAF Photographers Association magazine Flashback

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