50th Anniversary 321st Entry Air Photography Operator 1st March 2021

321st Craft Apprentice Entry

Air Photography Operator

01 March 1971 – 22 Feb 1972

When: 01 March 2021 ish

Where: To be arranged at a central point?

Time: To be arranged

Just gathering numbers at present but if you are able/want to come, contact Steve Mullis at s_j29570@hotmail.com  or add your details on the contact form below

If you know the location of any of the following please get them to contact me, (some I already know via the 321 facebook page) https://www.facebook.com/groups/97750028495/

Interested so far are…

Interested Interested
Chris Ball Yes Keith Johnston
Taff Beggan Steve Lunn
Andy Bicker Norman Marshall
T Blackburn Ian McHugh
Rick Brewell Yes Chris Mercer Yes
Alan Bridges Yes Eric Monk
Alan Brock Yes Steve Mullis Yes
Pete Broughton John Mudd Yes
John Clark Dennis Neil
Hugh Crane Yes ? Pearson
Bill Downing Yes Chris Perkins Yes
Gavin Eaton Hugh Philps Yes
Tony Fox Maybe Dave Read Yes
Jock Fraser Dave Readshaw
Chris Goodwin Yes Chris Scott
Roger Goy Steve Spurle Yes
Jim Hackett Andy Stirrat Yes
Tony Hall Yes Kevin Stowe
John Hannaford Yes John Thompson
Ian Hopson Pedro Tubridy
Ian Howe Chris Twiner
Rick Howland Yes S Willmer
Bob Iley Chris Woolley
Alan Jones

Special Guest Cpl Jim Clark

In Memory Dickie Davis, Scotty McHale, Chris Woolcott, John Hopkins