Ian Blackford Darter

From Ian Darter’s son-in-law.

Warrant Officer Ian Blackford Darter enlisted as a Boy Entrant in September 1934 and started full-time service on 1st June 1936 – just 18 years since the RAF was formed and served for 35 years and 54 days, retiring 0n 24th July 1971. He was at many stations at home and abroad. He was in the air photography role. Without getting his records, the Stations were, in rough order; RAF Lossiemouth, India 1946/7, RAF Sylt, RAF Brampton, RAF Binbrook, RAF Thorney Island, RAF Laarbruch, RAF Cosford. (These are all we can remember) Whilst at Lossiemouth he met and married a member of his unit. LACW Sophie Crampton who had served about 4 years. She was,  from Grimsby, where they retired in 1971.

He passed in 1980 and Sophie passed in 1997. We are not sure if Sophie was a photographer.

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