Dave Coaker

Mike Speake Rang Dave Coaker the other day to learn from his wife that he had passed away back in October. RIP old mate, you were amongst the best, our.senior man on 46 Basic in Wellesbourne days and SOP Instructor late 70s.

David Hill Very very sad!
Davey was the Cpl in the ground sect at Coningsby when I was detached there from 41 RIC before my G course started.
I can still hear him calling me ‘Wavey Davey’ with that accent of his.
A true gent – condolences to his family and many friends.
Chris Hills Very sad news indeed. Dave was my Cpl at Coningsby. Alway had a good laugh with Dave. Condolences to his family
Roger Thomas Tragic. Great bloke.

One thought on “Dave Coaker

  1. He was an amazing man, father and my grandfather. Still very much missed to this day. I could listen to him talk about his life for hours on end. He is now at peace with his wife of 59 years Marguerite coaker.


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