Dave Henwood

Dave sadly passed away on the 24th April 2020 after a brief illness. Dave joined the RAF in 1962 and trained as a photographer, he served for 22 years during which time he was stationed at Wyton, Wittering, St Mawgan and Wattisham, he also enjoyed tours in Cyprus, Germany and Malta. After he left the service Dave and his wife Norma spent many happy years travelling the country in their narrow boat. Dave was also a member of the RAFPA and he and Norma attended several reunions. Dave was always positive about life and everyone who met him remarked how happy and friendly he was.

Brian Hargrave He was my best man and I shall miss him badly. RIP Dave.

David Archer RIP Dave it was a pleasure working with you.

Don Stewart Lovely guy, played football with him at Gut. RIP Dave.

Malcolm Moss RIP Dave. Worked with him at Wittering. Great bloke and a real gent.

Mike Speake Oh dear God, such terrible news. He was such a nice guy, and was always fit when I knew him. RIP Dave

Don Lambert That is so sad. Dave and me were on 543 Sqdn together around 67/68 time. Had some great times on 543 Sqdn and in the NAFFI pigs bar. He always had a big smile on his face. I think him and his wife spent many years travelling around in a longboat. Wish I could attend his funeral. RIP Dave a really great bloke.

Michael Windle RIP Dave.

Dave Peel RIP

Dave Kerry I never worked with him but do remember him being a very cheerful, friendly guy on my first posting to Wyton. RIP Dave

Roger Thomas So sorry to hear about Davey.. lovely bloke.

Dennis Weatherill So sad, Dave was on my PPA course in ’71, lovely friendly and helpful.

Rik Dent He was one of my first Cpls at Wittering and I always looked up to him. 😦

Simon Ellis Worked with him on 543. A great bloke. Went down to Plymouth with him and Sam Wild where he picked up stuff for his rented accommodation in St. Ives about the time that he got married. Last time I saw him was at the Photo reunion at Wyton Sgts Mess. RIP Dave.
Iain Trimble I am really sorry to hear that Dave Henwood has passed away. He was one of life’s good guys, never had a bad word to say about anyone. My condolences to his family. RIP