Dave Whitter

Terry Knight
I’m afraid I am the bearer of bad news. I received a call from Mick Leeming tonight to inform me that Dave Whitter has sadly passed away today19 May 2021. Dave’s wife Wendy has asked that we inform all Dave’s friends via social media.

Mick will be keeping in touch with Wendy and if there is any news about funeral arrangements or any other news she will pass it on to Dave’s former colleagues. Obviously our thoughts tonight are with Wendy and the family
Rest easy Dave, Per Ardua brother.

John Hygate
So sad to hear that. He’d had a terrible time for a long time. Condolences to his family.

Moz Gardiner
RIP Dave

Daryl Harries
RIP Dave, Stand Down Duty Done

Doug MacDonald
Deepest condolences to all family, Per Ardua.

Martin Corrigan
Rip Dave

Bob Martin
So sorry to hear that, RIP Dave condolences to Wendy and family.

Don Stewart
RIP Dave you put up one hell of a fight. Codolences to all his family.

Kevin Potts
rest in peace Dave, thought are with you Wendy and Family

Andy Richardson
Such sad news indeed, RIP Dave, your memory will live on! Condolences to Wendy and all your family….😥😥

Dave Fergus
R.I.P Dave

Phil Ellis
Very sad news. Great bloke at Rhine D. RIP.

Chris Nichols
Shocked to hear this. Knew he was battling again after other bouts but had no idea he had finally succumbed to this awful disease. RIP Dave. Thanks for your friendship and for being you.

Dave Peel
Sad news. RIP Dave. Condolences and thoughts with Wendy at this time

Brian Johnny English Mann
RIP Dave, you deserved a medal for putting up with our shenanigans in ye olde PRU. Another good one gone.

Stephen Spurle
RIP Dave it was a privilege to know you, stand easy

David Hill
Sad news.
Condolences to family and friends…RIP

Peter Mctaggart
Never met Dave face to face, but we exchanged postings in Germany, him from 92sqn Wilders to the Big house & I the other way. RIP Bro.🙏

Edwin Hedges
Such sad news RIP Dave

Colin Searle
Oh so sorry. RIP Dave.

Kris Mercer
That is very sad to hear. Condolences to the family

Tim Chandler
Another one over the Photog Bridge. Sad news indeed. Condolences to all the family, RIP Dave

Clayton Griffiths
Sad news, RIP Dave. Thoughts with the family

Chris Billingham
My thoughts are with your family.
Have a good rest Dave. You were a fighter.

Matt Haig
Condolences from us both in Dorset x

Lindsay J. Crawford
Such sad news. RIP Dave

Iain Trimble
Such sad news, my condolences to the family. RIP David.

Gordon Rodger
Sad news. He fought the good fight. RIP Dave. Condolences to the family.

Michael Julie Allen
RIP Dave, condolences and our thoughts n prayers with Wendy and family at this time.

Paul Edward Atkinson
Sad, sad news. The crewrooom in the sky gets another member. RIP Dave and thoughts with Wendy and the family.

Mark Brown
RIP Dave, thoughts with Wendy and family.

Ian 父 Lang
Condolences to His family, Rest well Dave

Dave Cartoon
R.I.P. Dave mate. Condolences to Wendy and family.

Robert Stonehouse Rip dave.

Alan Eatwell RIP Dave.

Steve Langhorne Commiserations to Daves family I was looking forward to seeing him at the reunion.

Gareth Mills Sad news, RIP Dave.

Rick Brewell Such sad news. RIP Dave. Deepest Sympathies to Wendy and family.💙

Phil Goldsmith RIP very sad news thoughts.

Derek Gallon R.I.P Dave my thoughts are with the family.

Robin Patrick Ellwood Per Ardua Ad Astra RIP

Alan Bridges RIP Dave, and my sincere condolences to Dave’s family.

Keith Clothier Very sad to hear this. I haven’t seen Dave since Rheindalen days yet he made a very generous donation to a charity event I was involved with. A real character….RIP Dave

Andy Thomas Sad news condolences to his wife and family. He was quite the character RIP Dave

8 thoughts on “Dave Whitter

  1. Dave was a nice guy, like Brian Mann said, he deserved medals for putting up with us lot at Rheindahlen. RIP mate, thoughts go out to Wendy and the kids.


  2. RIP David, great to have kept in touch and follow your love of a valve. Glad to have been your first 252 mate.


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