David Jones

It was with considerable sadness that I learned recently of the death, about a year ago of David Jones. One of my ex-29th Entry colleagues.

Dave (Service No: 1932537) was one of the 29th Entry Jones Trinity, the others being Mike Jones (1932484) and Doug Jones, (l932493), both current members of RAFBEPA. Unlike his two namesakes, Dave had a richly cultured voice which, in the Cosford melting-pot, perhaps inevitably earned him the nickname of  Duke

Ferdinand, shortened over the period to “Duke” or “Ferd”. Dave featured in a “Caption” Competition photo on Page 9 of the Summer 2001 edition of ‘Flashback’. He’s the one on the extreme left.

At the time of joining the Boy Entrants, Dave’s home was at Leigh in Kent, and I well remember his being at some pains to impress upon us that Leigh was actually pronounced “Lie” not “Lee”, and getting quite stroppy when we less cultured types, particularly Woody” Wyatt, (from the Leigh-on-Sea area! would unceasingly wind him up on this particular issue. At one stage during our sojourn at Cosford, Dave actually invited me down to Leigh for one or other of our 48 hour public holiday grants, and what a memorable weekend that turned out to be, but that’s another story!

Although we were never to serve together, I did bump into him at very early stage after Cosford, at Wyton, very briefly just prior to my posting to Episkopi in I959. He had a little 1930’s Singer saloon I seem to recall, into which five or six of us crammed, on a trip to the Ferryboat Inn in Houghton. We returned to Wyton through a typical fen fog, more than a little the worse for wear!

I spoke to Dave briefly on the phone about three years ago whilst he was a civil photographer at RAF Shawbury, trying gently to persuade him to consider membership of RAFBEPA, but it was never to be.

Despite his quiet unassuming manner, Dave was one of the characters from Boy’ s service that one always remembered and spoke about, and I know that Mike, Doug and I particularly, will mourn hiss passing.

Stue Usher

By kind permission of the RAF Photographers Association magazine ‘Flashback’

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