Des Forshaw

Des Forshaw passed away, unexpectedly, in 2014.
After he retired from the RAF he had a career as an actor and appeared in many films and TV programs.
Apparently, the last film he was in was ‘The Theory of Everything’ – A look at the relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife…

 Des was a Cpl with me at Scampton in the 70’s. He and I shared the low level reconnaissance patrols during the cod war. This was done from Hastings aircraft usually with the door removed in foul weather at stupidly low level using the F117 camera (the hand cranked one (AorB?) Des and Steve, his late wife were very good friends. Both were active members of the Scampton Theatre Club of which I was the stage manager. Des had a rubber boat that we used for crazy canal adventures such as finding the source of the Chesterfield canal which I seem to remember was in Botany Bay! I’ll leave you to figure that one out. After his commissioning I still saw Des and Steve occasionally as I was posted all over the place. I made contact with him again I few years ago while I was living in the US and we planned to meet up when I got back. Did not happen unfortunately. I have a picture of both of them on stage somewhere. I’ll try to find it.

Richard Ellis


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