Frank Geddes

From Gerry Linsted RAFPA.
I am sorry to have to tell you that Frank Geddes passed away last Friday (15th October 2021) morning, I will update you with more details when I have them.

Wendy Whitter
I am so sorry to hear that.

Trevor Mills
R.I.P. Frank

Poppy Doreen
SAFE journey Frank RIP

Al Scott
RIP Frank….. a fine man😢

Robert Stonehouse
Rip Frank

Gordon Rodger
RIP Frank 😥

Nick Collins
Rest in Peace Frank.

Ian Ashford
RIP Frank… Condolences.

Mark Fallon
So sorry to hear this. 😞

Charles Arthur Jacobs
R.I.P Frank a true character from my service on 2MFPU

Dave Peel
RIP Frank. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers for Jean

Ian Clare
RIP Frank.

Dave Read
Sad news indeed. A fine man who was firm, but fair.

Gordon Luck
RIP Frank some one I always remember.

George Lambert
R I P Frank.

Rick Brewell
RIP Frank, agree with Dave Read, he was firm but fair. So sad, condolences to the family.

Deano Furnival

Don Lambert
I remember Frank coming to 543 Sqdn on a pre AOC’s and telling Frank Lewis that the the language around the sqdn was very bad!!! Shock , Horror!!

Don Stewart
RIP Frank, condolences to his Family

James Mitchell
Very sorry to hear this. Frank was the school WO when I was there. Rest in peace, duty done.

Neil Howard
R. I. P. Sir condolences to his family. Was at the PRU and the School of Photography.

Ian Jackson
I remember when i went back to JSOP for my photo G pre-selection, three of us were walking along the upstairs corridor. The first guy through the door pushed it open and the door hit Frank so cue the bollocking, the second guy had a button undone on his Jacket and got a second bollocking. then Franks nightmare namely myself walked through the door. I had hair that was touching my collar, a dev stained woolie pully and trousers that hadnt seen an iron in a couple of days. I saw Franks eye light up as all his birthdays came at once, he stared at me and asked and which camp have you dragged yourself from. i answered “Northern Ireland Sir, I just finished my shift at dinner time and had to jump straight on a plane to Birmingham”. Frank smiled and asked who are the Sergeants out there at the moment. and that was the end of my ordeal until I returned to do my ‘G’ course, when my goose was well and truly cooked as Frank remembered me of course.

George Lambert
Ian Jackson That sounds quite smart for you Jacko.

Ian Jackson
George Lambert i resemble that remark

Wendy Whitter
I think my David knew Frank Geddes. RIP and my condolences to those who love him

Keith Ruston
RIP Frank

Charles Gunter
Frank was the FS when I was at SOP in 1967. A good guy. My thoughts are with the family.

Derek Gallon
Such sad news. RIP Frank.

12 thoughts on “Frank Geddes

  1. RIP Frank Geddes ,
    Our paths never crossed as he left JSOP just before I arrived, but I got verbally lashed by Whiskey Walker and received your mail , all the joys of sharing a surname – no relation


  2. I remember Flight Sergeant Frank Geddes from my time at Cosford on my APO (APO 2) course in 1968. The experience was quite challenging for all of us to begin with. He was used to receiving freshly minted airmen, having just completed their basic training and conditioned to jump to attention when a Corporal walked into the room. Unfortunately, the first couple of intakes had spent up to four months on operational stations (mostly Wyton and Brampton) waiting for our courses to start and we had become used to the rather less than strict discipline found in such places. We had, to honest, turned into what was less that the smartly turned out recruits we had originally been. We quickly learned not to call him Frank. Needless to say, it was a major culture shock for both sides and I rather suspect we caused him to age at least ten years in just a few weeks. He must have been glad to see the back of us. Our paths never crossed again so I never had the opportunity to get to know him better.


  3. I was a young MOD Civil Servant doing admin in JSOP and Mr Geddes took the time to school me in interview technique for a promotion board.
    I last saw him in the Bull , Codsall 2 years ago, the first time I had seen him since leaving JSOP in 1980. Had quite a chat with him bought him a pint and thanked him for the positive influence he had on me. RIP MR GEDDES.


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