From the Album of Frederick Stanley Dixon – Grandfather of Rosemary Booth

My grandad, Frederick Stanley Dixon is 2nd from left on the back row.

We’re very lucky to have an album of his photo’s from the war although most weren’t taken at Farnborough.

He joined the RAF shortly before the start of WW2 as he “saw which way the wind was blowing”.

In 1942 he was made a pilot officer in the Administrative & Special Duties Branch (photography), I presume that the course photo was taken then. In 1943 he was made a war substantive flying officer again in the Administrative and special duties branch (photography). Sadly he died in 1965 aged just 60

There are a lot of photo’s from inside control rooms etc, Silverstone, Grantham,Lossiemouth,Winslow & Wymeswold.

My Uncle wants me to donate them to a museum but I think they will just disappear into an archive and never get seen… I’d like them to be available online and FREE to access for all 😉

All the best and it’s been lovely to browse your website.. thank you xx

Rose Booth


See also Royal Air Force Station Wymeswold


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