Geoff Rogers

It is with deep sadness to let you know that Geoff Rogers, very affectionately known as “Dr Sex” to those who knew him, passed away today 06 July 2021 after a brave battle with cancer.
Geoff bought kindness, laughter and humanity to those fortunate to know him and will be sorely missed.

Dave Sherfield
So very sorry to read this news. My heartfelt thoughts to the family.

Matt Smith
Dave Sherfield thanks mate. I was with Geoff on Sunday and he was surrounded by his friends and family. It was a beautiful day

Dave Sherfield
Matt Smith Thank you Matt.
Happy he was with his loved ones.
Take care of yourself. Dave.

Steve Costello
So sad to hear this. Heaven is in for a bit of a shock. 🍻

Ian Rossiter
RIP my condolences to the family

Soren Adamson
Awful news. A legend of the trade. Thoughts to his family. RIP

Gareth Mills
Such sad news, RIP

Robin Patrick Ellwood
Per Ardua Ad Astra RIP

Stewart Plant
Such sad news, thoughts to the family at this time

Southgate John
Such very very sad news my deepest condolences to his family. ☹️

Kevin Morris
Very sad to hear this news,a great bloke,heart felt condolences to all his family,RIP DR SEX

Foggy Dewhirst
Sad loss, condolences to Geoff’s family.

Andrew Hellen
So sad to hear this, I only knew Geoff for a short period ot time at Kinloss, but he was a top bloke. Condolences to his family. RIP

Paul Durham
RIP Geoff, my thoughts to your family

Peter Murray
Sad news Matt. Our condolences to all his family.

Al King
RIP, Geoff.
Hearn’s wedding when he came in on the back of that motorbike, legendary.

Neil Johnstone
Very sad to hear Matt. My condolences to Sara.

Paul Batchford
What sad sad news, so many great times with Geoff. RIP mate. Sincere condolences to all his family.

Ian Folly
One of the warmest and funniest blokes I’ve known. Rest well Dr. S.

Rich Atkins
So sad, NI would not have been the same without him, a very funny guy, RIP Dr Sex

Steve Tindale
RIP Geoff, condolences to the family.

Archie Leach
Very sad to hear this – a top man and a very funny guy! Thoughts with you and your family. Dr Sex ‘at your cervix’ rest well mate.

Paul Edward Atkinson
RIP Geoff. Condolences to his family. Sad news indeed. The great crewroom upstairs is filling up too quickly.

Gordy Elias
RIP my friend. I’ll always have great memories of you. A ‘tog not to be forgotten.

Stuart Fenwick
Shocked and saddened. Weren’t many as kind, helpful and enthusiastic as the Dr. Thoughts are with the family.

Douglas Shorter
That is such sad news. I only knew him for about a year, his last in NI and my first but what a top bloke and a great laugh. My deepest condolences to his family.

Edwin Hedges
RIP my thoughts are with Geoff’s family and friends at this sad time.

Craig Marston

Pete Mobbs
So sorry to hear that. We had some good times at JATE, what a gentleman.

Dave Peel

Ian 父 Lang
OH MY GOD!! I’m so so stunned at this news!!!! Dr Sex was a truly top bloke. Met him when he arrived on 39Sqn out of his comfort zone was an understatement. Still the month in Gioia Del Colle was a blast. Even gave my fish a home when I moved away from Norwich.
Per Astra Ad Ardua
Rest well Dr!!

Matt Smith
Ian 父 Lang thanks mate, he was absolutely the best. I know he was loved by all who came across him

Ian 父 Lang
Oh yes totally agree with that, I’m gutted

Paul Matthews
Geoff was a great bloke. Remember him well from 39. RIP mate.

Sponge Beattie
Geoff, you were a superstar, you lifted my spirits more than I thought possible. The writing of the Oman diary made me cry with laughter. Our time around the pool for Xmas will last with me forever. RIP mate much love.

Matt Smith
Sponge Beattie awesome photos mate, thanks for posting. Sara will laugh when she sees them.

Robert Bishop
Sponge Beattie some familiar reprobates on there!

Dave Fergus
R.I.P Buck Rogers was on my G course back in 1986 after he re traded from the motor boats.

Heidi Burton
Sad news 🙁 although I was too much of a smallie to witness his antics in person, I do remember him at JSOP when I was on my basic course, trying to persuade some of the AC lads on the basic course to take on the responsibility of the dance of the flaming arseholes, he was trying to pass on the legacy!! None of them seemed too keen for some reason…

Robert Bishop
Heidi Burton that’s when I met him, we were on our super phot conversion course. He was one of the best things on the course!

Ian 父 Lang –
Caught the deviant in the Brothel in Pompei.

Ian 父 Lang –
The left him on his own to cool off

Andy Malthouse
Heartbroken. Life is so cruel at times, but I am blessed to have had such a beautiful human being grace the pages of my storybook. Stand easy my friend. xxx

Andy Malthouse –
In his natural habitat!

Tim Chandler
Andy Malthouse now that’s a photo to cherish

Tony Hobson
Geoff was a funny, kind and generous soul. My wife and I got to know him through Chris Hearn’s annual get togethers. He had time for everyone and will remembered by all. Very sad.

Andy Malthouse –
One of my favourite photos featuring the Dr.
Happy times!😥

Matt Smith
Andy Malthouse, these are great photos, thanks for sharing, Sara will love these

Chris Dickerson
Sad, sad news. A true gentleman and a pleasure to have known him. RIP Geoff.

Matt Smith
Thanks for all the great photos being shared, please keep them coming along with your anecdotes and funny stories

Tim Chandler
Matt Smith Hi Matt, it’s already been mentioned but I was at the bar with Dr Sex at Hearns wedding. The conversation with the barman/manager was ish as follows: Hey mate, is it OK if Faz here rides his Harley in through those patio doors there, he’ll me nice and gentle like. Barman/manager: Ah no, I’m sorry that can’t happen! Dr Sex and Faz look at each other and the immortal words “oh, really, fucking watch this, a minute later and the dance floor was a car(bike) park 🤣🤣🤣🥃Dr S

Matt Smith
Tim Chandler hilarious mate, I’d vaguely heard about the Harley but not the details, thanks Tim, great to finally hear the story 😂😂

Tim Chandler
So, so sad, never failed to make me smile or, more usually, laugh out loud. It has been a while since I last saw him but he will not be forgotten. RIP Dr Sex, aka Geoff. Condolences to Sara and all the family.

Andy Fountain
Sad news, such a character. Helped Dave and myself
through our G course in 1986 with his experience and worldly knowledge 🥲

Ian Ashford
Sad news to hear, my condolences to his many friends and of course his family.

George Fenney
Rest in Peace Geoff. Only met once but a pleasure. Condolences to Sara and family. x

Jez Doak
Sad news indeed! There will be many stories I’m sure and even though some can be shared after the watershed, some will remain in just the memories of those of that knew him! What a lovely man, kind in spirit but his sense of humour was just brilliant! Loved my time working with him…..RIP Per Ardua!

Matt Smith
Jez Doak thanks for sending your anecdote. Despite the sadness of the news, I roared with laughter reading your memory of him.
A real celebration of what Geoff was all about and stood for.
Can’t wait to hear more stories

James Tuddenham
Very saddened by this news , Dr Sex , once seen , never forgotten. I remember at Aldergrove , on a rare bar night ! Dr Sex bursting through the door into the bar , stark bollock naked with kimwipe stuffed up his bum , well alight , doing the dance of… See more

James Tuddenham
Question , did Dr Sex re train as a Physiotherapist in Civvy Street

Matt Smith
James Tuddenham he did mate, loved by his patients and clients as much as those he served with

James Tuddenham
Cheers , he must have worked at QEH King’s Lynn , as a few years ago my step Mum was in a home in Snettisham , and needed physio on her foot , it was Dr Sex , he mentioned to her he knew a Tuddenham in NI and step Mum said Jim , he replied yes , and she said he is my step son……. small world

5 thoughts on “Geoff Rogers

  1. I was gutted to hear the news. Geoff brought joy and humour to work with him every day. A great bloke who will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace my friend.


  2. It’s been 35 years, since I was on G91 at JSOP with Geoff (Buck) Rogers. I didn’t pass the B&W finals so didn’t continue in my RAF career, but I always remembered him as he was such a great bloke, so positive about everything and such a good laugh. Reading other comments I am so glad he continued in this way. He was only 24, but seemed so worldly wise, to an 18 year old Leeds lad. It’s been nearly 35 years since I last saw him, yet I still feel a loss. RIP my friend.
    Oz Obstrbski .
    Austin Bryan.


  3. A man with a gloriously infectious nature. You couldn’t be in his company and not be grinning from ear to ear throughout. There aren’t many true legends of the RAF Photographic trade but his place amongst them has always been secure. The crew room upstairs will revel in your “dance”.


  4. In discussion with any TG14 colleagues if you were to say “Geoff Rogers” it would bring a smile to your face. Geoff was a true legend in his own life time as he was funny, helpful and hardworking. This is such sad news. RIP


  5. Very very sorry to hear this news. I was Geoff’s personal tutor at physiotherapy school at the UEA in Norwich. By one of those strange quirks of fate, we quickly discovered that we were also next-door-neighbours (he lived in the house at the back of us). I got to know him pretty well during his 3 years at university, both as a student colleague and a neighbour. He graduated as a physiotherapist then went to work as a clinician in one of the Norfolk NHS trusts. He moved away from where we live and I didn’t see him for a long time, then bumped into him one day when shopping in Norwich. He seemed very happy when we met. (He intimated he’d put a recent ‘bad patch’ in life well behind him and had moved on to some better things.) A lovely man. I was very shocked to read of his death just now. He was well loved by his fellow students and lecturers during his time at UEA.


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