George Forbes

Photo from the 301st Entry
Roger Edwards I regret to inform you that George Forbes (ex 301st Entry) passed away peacefully last week. Our condolences and thoughts are with Jane and family.
Malcolm Barrett Very nice person, served together at Wildenrath 72-74. Sincere condolences to his family.
Chris Bovingdon RIP George. Always struck me as a big, friendly bear.
Ron Rowena Willcox Bye George, pleasure to have known you. See you later in the darkroom.
Alan Eatwell Top bloke RIP George.
Steve Clark I knew big George on 4 MFPU at Guttersloh, late 60s and again on my PPA Course, 70-71. He was Photo 2, APO, PPA. RIP old mate.
Al Scott George was on my first 3 tours after basic training….. a great bloke who taught a young Al Scott a great deal about life….. RIP George….. x
Keith Ashcroft Yes I knew George, a great guy, we had many great laughs together. He and Pete Julian (RIC mobility cell) liaised with myself and Chris Bovingdon on 4 Sqn.
George Lambert R I P George nice to have known you.
Rick Rickwood RIP George, served with him many years ago.
Richard Hugh Marshall I knew of George but never met. RIP anyhow; a sad loss.
Renny McIvor My first Boss. RIP George
Peter Samuel RIP George, mate. I joined up with George at RAF Cosford in 1964 where 301st were the first Craft Apprentice Photographers, following on from 51st Boy Entrants. George has been a good friend, one-time-room-mate, and a sporting golf buddy ever since. Hope there is great golf available wherever you are now buddy, we will all miss you.
I’ll add more information as I get it

7 thoughts on “George Forbes

  1. Worked with George in Gutersloh in ’77 as part of RIC Mob. Supped a few pints with him in the Gutersloh Mally and in J Troop bar. Top bloke . Condolences to his family.


  2. George was on my first 3 tours after basic training….. a great bloke who taught and guided me in a lot of ways…. so thank you George… RIP mate….. and thoughts with his family…. x


  3. Worked with George in Gutersloh,we were both on RIC MOB, and later at Binbrook. One night in J troop bar George bought me a car off of an Army guy. It was an old Rover 110. When I asked him why, he said, well you said you liked it. Damn car never did go. A great guy and good friend. RIP George.


  4. Met George at Cosford although unknown we had been on the same train from Scotland. Never saw him again till one of our reunions . Nice bloke. RIP


  5. George was a really good bloke,always looked after us. He was always keeping us out of trouble and was a great listener.


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