Howard Lees

Howard Lees 1907 – 2006

On March 16th 2006 Howard Lees died aged 98. His main claim to fame as far as the Royal Air Force goes must be that he was the Photographic Officer to number 8PFF Group, The Pathfinders.

Because of his work to further and enhance aerial photography during WWII he became a close friend of the Pathfinders founder, Donald Bennett. In order to assist in proving ‘kills’ from Bombers he developed a 2 shutter camera which enabled the target to be clearly seen after a raid.

He also developed a means of photographing the screen of the H28, the radar device which greatly assisted navigating to the target in the first place. He had always been interested in photography from an early age and frequently had articles published in photographic journals.

He certainly played a major role in helping us to win WWII.

By kind permission of the RAF Photographers Association magazine ‘Flashback’

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