Ian Barker ‘Willy’

Ian Barker has passed away, known as Willy by most of us he lost his fight with cancer last week. His funeral is on Wednesday 2 October 2019 at Scunthorpe Woodlands Crematorium 1320


I’ll add more tributes as I get them –

Robin Patrick Ellwood Per Ardua Ad Astra RIP
Dave Kerry Terrible news, we were good mates at Wyton in 1967 and hung around together when on our ACF courses in 1970-1. I bumped into him a couple of times after that, the last being in 1977 when he was at St Mawgan. RIP Willy, we were good mates back in the day.
Deano Furnival RIP
Nigel Caulfield RIP 😢
Gerry Linstead So sorry to hear this, we were so close to getting back in touch again, RIP Willy ☹️ http://www.the303rd.co.uk
Ian Smith RIP, Willy.
John Williams Just echoing comments by Gerry L
Don Lambert Knew Willy at Wyton on 58 Sqdn . Really nice lad. RIP mate..
Dave Peel We were good friends in Malta 67 – 68. I was honoured when Willy was my Best Man in 69. RIP

Graham Patrick Sad news indeed. 48 years since I last saw him but remember him on 58 sqdn at Wyton, our flat in Malta and deployments to Kenya and Gan. Great days. The last was when I picked him up at Conningsby and drove to his mum’s and went to watch Derby play. Good times.

One thought on “Ian Barker ‘Willy’

  1. Many great times with Willy barker, I remember waking up at his house in Tatershall on New Years Day after Adam was born at Nocturne Hall the previous night. Sick as a dog, must have been a great night. Vaguely remember Alex Humphries putting whiskey in my beer at the Castle pub as we wet the babies head.


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