Ian ‘Kookie’ Proudfoot


Mike Harris R.I.P. Kookie, knew him well.
Roddy McNeil R.I.P. Kookie
Kevin Morris Sad news lovely chap R.I.P
Stewart Ross RIP Kookie, One of the trades characters and an all-round good guy.
Iain Trimble Back in the late 60s at RAF Episkopi I had slept in one morning! LAC Proudfoot was sent back to the Block to get me into work. So I woke up to see Kookie sitting on the end of my bed. What time is it I said, 0900 he said (work started at 0700). No need to rush said Kookie, as he handed me a glass of Keo brandy! What a character. RIP.
Stephen Spurle Great all-round guy, RIP Kookie
Don Lambert That is sad news. Me and Simon Ellis went to see him in hospital. Served with him at Muharraq. Really, good bloke. RIP Kookie.
Rod Scott My first Corporal at Waddington in 1976, lovely bloke. Bless you Kookie stand down mate RIP
Terry Knight Per Ardua brother
Andrew Aveyard Fond memories of Kookie when Upstairs…
Jim Carrel RIP mate 😢 could talk all day about the great times we had together but then I would probably be arrested! see you up there
Kris Mercer Rest peacefully! Go and count the Coosays!! It was a pleasure to serve with you. Condolences to the family.
Ian Smith A great guy. Best mates with my daughter Louise. Per Ardua, pal. See you soon enough. Condolences to the family
Andrew Westbrook RIP Kookie, a real character.
George Lambert R I P Kookie
Paul Wiseman Topman, Kookie. Knew him at Brampton late 60s. Saw him at a Reunion several years later: he told me he’d left the RAF, then re-enlisted when he found out he didn’t like civvy Street. RIP.
Jim Carrel When on a driving course at St. Athen Kookie was asked what was in his rearview mirror? He quickly replied GLASS!

Kevin Howes RIP Cookie was a pleasure to know you pal
Dave Peel RIP
David Hill Sad news. Condolences to family and friends.
Nick Mcglynn RIP Cookie. Condolences to family and friends.
Bob Fox Served with Kookie on the RIC at Laarbruch 73 to 76. Used to babysit for him. RIP mate.
Nigel Burton R.I.P Kookie. One of life’s true gents
Gordon Rodger Sad news, RIP Kookie.
Nigel Caulfield Sad News, RIP 😢
Doug MacDonald So sorry to hear this, Sincerest Condolences to all family, he was a lovely genuine man and agree a true gent, with a great sense of humour. Thoughts with you all ❤
Rick Brewell RIP Cookie, it was a pleasure to know you. Absolute Gent!
Donald Adams Another good member, RIP Cookie and condolences to your family.
Ian Rossiter Sad news was my corporal at jaric
Doug MacDonald JARIC STALWART. Great and lovely man, proud to have known and Served with him.
David Palmer If that is who I think it is, we used to work together at JSIS Sek Kong in 1978/9. Three of us in the section, Sgt Dave Ashton PPA, CPL Ian Proudfoot and myself, CPL ACFitt. He also lived next door to me, in Gau Lung Court. RIP.
Tim Muncaster That’s a bugger, I liked Kookie, knew him as a Sgt at Brampton!
Gordon Rodger Sad news, RIP Kookie.
Nigel Caulfield Sad News, RIP 😢
Gareth Mills Sad news, top bloke, RIP Kookie.
Richard Hugh Marshall Very sorry to read of Kookie Proudfoot’s passing. RIP
Peter Nelson Was with Kookie at Episkopi in 69 we specialised in brandy
Tim Chandler Very sad news, part of my first Jaric posting, RIP
Chris Pettman So sad. He was a happy go lucky sort of a guy.
Michael Staff I never had the pleasure of meeting Cookie but I have been regaled with stories of him during my service years and clearly missed a very significant man. Sad to hear the news. Doug MacDonald – He was a short but Great Character Mick, sad day.
Mik Boon Kookie took me under his wing on my first posting out of JSOP as an LAC at Waddington. Fantastic bloke many happy memories.
Steve Clark RIP Kookie. I didn’t know him that well but it’s always sad to lose a colleague.

2 thoughts on “Ian ‘Kookie’ Proudfoot

  1. Served with Cookie in Aden, Muharraq and JARIC(UK).. Remember from Khormaksar when he “volunteered” to take photos of Crater with a F117 from a helicopter. He was thanked by Mad Mitch. Later Cookle said they were bloody shooting at us! A genuinely nice bloke. Rest in peace mate.


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