Jim Smith SAC

6 Peaks leader and inspiration. He courageously fought cancer so hard for so long enduring more than anyone should ever have to. Despite everything his life was fuller and happier than lots of people who have nothing to complain about or endure.

The 6 Peaks Challenge was just amazing from start to finish and such a goal for Jim. It inspired him and motivated him in so many ways. He wanted it to inspire other people to push the limits that others tell you are there. His positive mindset and achievements proved anything is possible.
Thank you so much to everyone who supported the 6 Peaks Challenge it really meant the world to Jim. The memories from 6 Peaks carried Jim through some of the days when he couldn’t really do very much. Life and thrive people live and thrive 👊🏻xx

A Tribute to the Hospital Staff.
I know lots of the Haematology team at our hospital will see this please share it around …… thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. You fought alongside us every step of the way and God knows it was a battle. Your knowledge, support, honesty and care over Jim’s last few days was faultless. The unbearable was made possible. You are amazing and so many of you made a real difference to Jim and his nearest and dearest. The little things count when the big things can’t be changed 💕 Love and respect to you all keep up the amazing work 💪🏻xxxx

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