John Wood

Cpl John Wood. Passed 17th December 2000 – This evening 19th July 2018. I rode to the village church in Sawtry. Took a bit of time to find John but I’ve tidied the headstone and the surrounding area. Spent an emotional hour sitting with him and telling him about life since he was my best man. I am happy to report that it looks as though someone is leaving flowers and keeping the place tidy. Rest easy my friend.

Dave Clough

I knew John well, I first met him on my arrival from Rheindahlen to JARIC back in 1992. Johns sense of humour and a wry smile, stood out, with a great gift for cartoon art work, something to behold, I shall never forget the poster he put together for our leaving do from JARIC around 94 “The Three Amigos” Si Marshall, John and I were all posted around the same date and had our joint leaving do in the Rugby club, a cracker of an evening.

I next met John on a tour of Dahran in Saudi, he took great delight in plastering the room we shared in empty packets of Walkers crisps in Blue, he was an ardent Rangers supporter and I always wound him up by supporting Celtic in the Old firm games.

A sad loss under tragic circumstances: God Bless you Woody.

David Cooke

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