Ken Ewins

 (Service No: 551034) was on 5″‘ Entry at SOP Franborough in I936, and died at Maidstone hospital on 27’“ January 2002 with his Family around him, following a long illness.

He was BEPA Treasurer at the time of the disbandment of the original BEPA, and did a sterling job in keeping out pitiful finances in order (a tougher job than when dealing, with many thousands!)

Ken was not a well man when he took the job on, having had a triple by-pass operation, but always made light of his medical problems. He had a fund of humorous stories, many connected with the yachting world of which he was an enthusiastic member.

He was also a talented artist and produced excellent images of the BEPA crest.

Ken will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.

By kind permission of the RAF Photographers Association magazine ‘Flashback’