Ken Fielder

 Service Ne: 552271 Member of the 8th Entry at Farnborough in 1938, and after graduation, was posted to Calshott where, in I939, his tasks included using, hand-held 14″ F24’s to photograph German vessels such as the Bremen, Eurupa etc., from flying boats such as Londons, Stranraers and Singapores. This was followed by several years of very extensive travels around the various battle zones of World War II.

Reading like a dangerous Cook’s Tour, he went to Europe, exiting via Dunkirk. After some time with Blenheims at Walton, he was off again, this lime to Freetown, Durban, Alexandria, Ismailia, Abourkir, Crete and Malta where he spent 2.1/2 years serving with flying PR heroes such as Adrian Warburton.

Ken liked to say that his only honourable war wound was when he was too close to an exploding, ammo dump which sent him flying through the air to land on his eating irons, resulting in a trusty RAF fork lodging, deeply in his palm (but no Purple Heart for him).

Then it was on to North Africa and Gibraltar, eventually finding himself back home to be re-kitted for Europe again and on to Arromanche, Amiens, Arnhem etc. Postwar, his elders and betters once again decided he ought to try Bombay and Japan as a change of scenery. His last unit was Thorney Island in the Air/Sea Warfare Development Unit, flying in Lancasters, messing about with flash bombs and sono buoys. After demob in May 1948, he joined his father’s building firm.

Ken was a very popular member of any team or organisation to which he belonged, not least the old BEPA. He was a near professional standard sportsman in several sports, often playing cricket against Test and County teams, once captaining his side against the legendary Garfield Sobers. As his mobility reduced over the years he took up bowls and was an excellent flat green player.

Ken leaves a devoted wife, Brenda, four daughters and grandchildren.

George Webb

By kind permission of the RAF Photographers Association magazine ‘Flashback’

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