Chris Mercer (Kris)

Hi, I’m Chris Mercer, a former Royal Air Force Photographer, Crime Scene Investigator, and IT Teacher

I started my working career when I left school as a junior gardener at a local hospital. This was only a temporary job while I awaited my joining papers from the Royal Air Force (1971 – 1986) as a Photographer.

I’ve had some great postings at various national and international RAF bases including the famous RAF Biggin Hill where I produced some large photographic displays for major attractions. In 1980, I received an Air Officer Commanding Commendation for Meritorious Service.

On leaving the RAF, I found temporary employment at a Lithographic printer and Silk Screen printers (two of the skills learnt while in the RAF). I was the Production Manager at both firms until they closed down.

In mid-1987 I joined Kent police as a Police photographer and later the same year an opening as Scenes of Crime Officer (now Crime Scene Investigator CSI) was offered to me, this was a very worthwhile, busy, but challenging career, investigating some very high profile crimes. The position involved gathering forensic and fingerprint evidence from crime scenes, photographing the scene and talking to victims and witnesses to enable information gathering about the crime.

I attended countless postmortems and several exhumations. Authored a book entitled ‘From An ‘Ole In The Ground’. Based on Human Remains Exhumation. I also gave talks to various agencies and training of Police Officers, on the work of the Crime Scene Investigator and Forensic Awareness.

In April 2000, I had a break from crime investigation and travelled to Wolverhampton and became a warehouse manager for a large electrical firm similar to Comet and Curry’s, where I was responsible for supervising warehouse staff, dealing with health and safety issues, administration, stock control, deliveries, etc.

After about 12 months, I returned to Kent Police as a Forensic Intelligence Officer researching DNA and fingerprint identifications of suspects and giving presentations and training to police officers on forensic awareness. The funding ran out of this role, so, still with Kent police I became a Force Intelligence Bureau Operator interrogating the many computer systems within the Kent police including inputting data onto the Police National Computer, the shift work was taking its toll on my health so decided to look for another career. 

A week after my mother died, (2006) I joined a social housing organization – AmicusHorizon Group as an IT Trainer where I was employed in training staff members within the group in the Core Business applications, producing Lesson Plans, User Guides / Manuals and E-Learning Packages. As part of ‘my’ training, I completed the Certificate In Teaching In The Lifelong Learning Sector course (CTTLS).

Since April 2015 I have been Retired working for myself and keeping busy with Web page design and Cine/video to DVD transfer. 

When not ‘working’ I enjoy Pétanque recording local peoples memories Village Memories , genealogy, reading, local history, walking, travelling and real ale (brewing and drinking). Oh!!! and photography.