“Legends and Heroes”: Behind the Lens By Dave Humphrey

Legends and HerosDH portraitA personal account of the role of military photography and its massive impact on world conflicts over the last century.  David’s collection of stories includes the history of the unique photographic training facility, founded by the Royal Flying Corps in 1915 and the “Legends & Heroes” who made the difference in its evolution. He completes the collection with his own autobiography.

“All proceeds from the book sales are donated to the RAF Photographers Memorial Fund”  


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One thought on ““Legends and Heroes”: Behind the Lens By Dave Humphrey

  1. Roland G. Adams

    Email: rgnc.adams@sympatico.ca

    Comment: Hello Dave,

    Congratulations on your interesting career and book Legends and Hero’s. I was interested learn some of the early events e.g. Sgt Laws and the Photographic School in Farnborough

    My grandfather would undoubtedly pass through this school sometime 1916 or 1917, and he was subsequently posted to the Amiens sector in France in November 1917. He was there for the last German offensive and the counterattack in June and 100 days etc. Squadrons seem to have been moved and exchanged Wings etc. but he spoke mostly of 15th Wing comprising 3rd Australian, 7, 8, 35 and 82 squadrons. He knew Leigh Mallory and West VC to name just two prominent RFC officers.


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