Les Brown


1962 – 2014

Royal Air Force Photographer

Les was born on the 13th of December 1962 in Edinburgh.  His father was in the Royal Air Force, so the family moved around, as service families do, and lived in various places in Germany, Scotland, Wales and England.

He enjoyed school and was quick to learn and did well at most subjects.  From a young age he showed a keen interest in photography, and to fund his hobby he got himself a paper round.

At 16 years old, Les left school and joined up as an RAF apprentice.  He served as a photographer, and his postings took him to Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands.

Les served just over 22 years in Royal Air Force:

1980     RAF School of Recruit Trainingles-brown-and-herc

1980     RAF Joint School of Photography

1980     RAF St Athan – Photographic Section

1983     RAF Kinloss – Photographic Section

1985     RAF Northolt – No 1 Aeronautical Information Documents Unit

1988     RAF Mount Pleasant

1991     RAF Rudloe Manor – Headquarters Police and Provost Security Services

1997     RAF Brampton – Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre

2000     RAF Northolt – No 1 Aeronautical Information Documents Unit


He enjoyed his time in the Royal Air Force and had very fond memories of his years there, the work and the friends

he made and, after he left, the training and experience he had gained led him into the world of computer technology and printing.

He never lost his love of photography, and especially loved his more unusual work, and was proud of the artwork he produced for the queen.

He was a genuine character and one of the good guys, and will be greatly missed by us all.

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