Mick Pryce

551712 G.O. Mick Pryce

No:5 Entry Farnborough SOP

Mick’s number 5 entry had the first issue of collars, ties and tunics to replace the former puttees etc. He is quoted as having said that when they first when out into Aldershot town in the new gear, they were saluted by all the Army squaddies who thought they were officers! During his war and peacetime service he travelled to just about every RAF post in the World. At various times he found himself sewing alongside fellow ex-Boys such as Group Captain John Herold, Wing Commander Charles Lynas, Squadron Leader Les Harris and of course Jack Eggleston who all served throughout World War ll. There is also a lovely story about a visit to Old Serum by the then Foreign Secretary, Sir

Anthony Eden. Mick was appointed to show a film to the assembled dignitaries. All went well until the film broke at the receiving spool end and Mick just let it pile up on the floor. He was thankful he had averted a crisis when suddenly at the end of the film the projection room door opened and wanting to show his appreciation of the projectionist in walked Sir Anthony to see a pile of film all over the floor. He was, as they say in today’s terms, gobsmacked!

After marriage in 1950 to an ex-WAAF Balloon Operator and eventually gaining a commission, in 1972 he accepted an invitation through the New Zealand Defence Liaison staff in “London, to transfer to the RNZAF as their Staff Photography Officer. It was an important post as adviser to all the NZ services. In 1975 he called it a day and went on to a very active retirement, becoming involved in his neighbourhood’s activities in the Salvation Army, gardening, Church and Masonic organisations.

He was also able to attend the final reunion of ‘Old’ BEPA at Shifnal in 1996 where his old comrades were delighted to see him and made him very welcome.

By kind permission of the RAF Photographers Association magazine ‘Flashback’


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