Mike Windle

From Phil Ward

I regret to report the passing of Mike Windle. Great man, superb moustache.


Mike passed away on the 14th August after being in poor health for some time. He was born in Sheffield on June 22nd 1939. While attending Nether Edge Grammar School he joined the photographic club. His interest in photography developed when he studied at the Sheffield School of Art with the intention of becoming a photo-journalist. However National Service intervened and Michael followed his chosen interest by enlisting as an RAF Photographer.
Mike’s trademark became his moustache and he subsequently became a member of the Handlebar Club. In the 1970s the MoD decreed that facial hair had to be trimmed to insure an airtight fit when wearing a respirator. Mike, duly resigned from the Handle Bar Club, but later rejoined when he retired from the service.

When stationed a RAF Wyton, Mike first met Sylvia, his wife to be, in the Golden Lion in St Ives where her father was the landlord. They married in 1968. Postings included Malta, Marham, Kinloss and Rheindalen. He left the service in 1982 and, having bought a house in Yaxley, took up the postilion of Parish Clerk until he finally retired in 2002.
Mike was dedicated to his family, which included his daughter Debbie, Granddaughter Emma, grandson Jack and great children Olivia and Rose. His funeral was well attended by his family and members of the RAF Photographers Association

Trevor Mills
R.I.P. Mick

George Lambert
R I P Stand down

Arthur Brearley
Was with him in 1961 in Cyprus great chap

Gordon Bray
R.I.P. Mick…

Don Stewart
Sad news, R.I.P. Mick

Stevie Gee
Such a nice man, always had time for people.

RIP Mick.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

Doug Meldrum
Great mate, staggered back from 3JB’s many times and swallowed the occasional glass of Lion ale with him in foriegn climes. He supported me through difficult times and was a true friend.

Nigel Caulfield

Stephen Spurle
Great bloke, RIP Mick condolences to his family

Dave Peel

David Beeton
Sad to hear. RIP old Clicker – duty done.

Mike Speake
Sad to hear the passing of yet another photog. I remember his name, but can’t place him. Anyone have a photo?

Pete Julian
Great character with a love of live. RIP Mick

Rick Rickwood
So sorry to hear that Mick has gone. A great mate when stationed at Kinloss. Helped us move into quarters with a loan of lots of furniture!

Stewart Ross
RIP Mike, Shared many a glass of ale over the years, gone the Squire of St Ives

Su Hoffman
I was so very sorry to hear about Mick Windle, I remember him with great affection after serving with him at Rheindahlen in the 60’s.


3 thoughts on “Mike Windle

  1. I’m honoured to have classed Mike as a colleague and a friend for 58 years. I’ve been asked by Sue to give the Eulogy at his funeral and I’ll do my best for him. R.I.P old friend


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