Mo Loynes

Steve Fitton RIP, Mo Loynes.
Michael Windle I first met Mo in 1959 at Wellesbourne and our paths crossed several times. We were, for a time, both members of the Wyton Band. RIP Mo.
David Ketcher Sad news, Mo was Sgt i/c camera bay on 81 Sqn Tengah 68/69.
Roddy McNeil Sad news. I possibly met on 81 when Frank Bonnacorsci (guess at the spelling) took over
Don Lambert Heard the name, but never got to meet . RIP
David Ronald My Flt Sgt on 13Sqn 1979 ish. Guess he’s marching into somebody else’s office.
Andy Groves ~~>David Ronald I don’t know about marching in, stomping may be a better way of putting it!!
David Beeton RIP Mo, great bloke!
Gordon Rodger He was my FS at Wyton in the early seventies. Good guy to work for. RIP Mo. Condolences to the family.
Charles Gunter I knew him at Photo School, Cosford 1967/68. A great guy whose bark was worse than his bite. RIP Mo.
Dave Kerry RIP Mo. He was my Ft Sgt on 58 and 39 Sqns at Wyton, 1970-1.
George Lambert R I P Mo.