Officers Commanding

Officers Commanding School of Photography
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(Includes current serving and ex serving officers)

WW1 – The Royal Flying Corps Post WW2  –
1915 2nd Lt F C V Laws RFC 1947 Wg Cdr H C Westwood OBE
1917 Lt C Porri RFC 1950 Wg Cdr E T Scott
1917 Maj P R Burchall RFC 1953 Wg Cdr G J Buxton MBE*
1955 Sqn Ldr S Hoskin
The Royal Air Force 1955 Sqn Ldr J W Berry
1959 Sqn Ldr P R Mayle
1920 Sqn Ldr A R Cooper 1961 Sqn Ldr F R J Richardson DFM
1922 Sqn Ldr W J Guilfoyle OBE MC* 1964 Sqn Ldr J E Bellingham AFC
1924 Sqn Ldr F C V Laws OBE 1968 Sqn Ldr K M Hall
1930 Wg Cdr A H Steele-Perkins OBE
1932 Wg Cdr H M Probin DSO The Joint School of Photography
1932 Wg Cdr R H Neville OBE MC
1933 Wg Cdr F C V Laws OBE 1972 Sqn Ldr W H P Brown
1933 Wg Cdr G Bowman DSO MC DSO 1974 Lt Cdr T Marriott RN
1934 Wg Cdr M L Taylor AFC 1974 Sqn Ldr A A Blain
1936 Wg Cdr C Porri 1976 Sqn Ldr G P Proctor
1938 Sqn Ldr J Silvester 1978 Sqn Ldr G C Ashman
1982 Sqn Ldr G J Brown
WW2 – No1 and No 2 SOP  1985 Lt Cdr M H Larcombe RN
1989 Sqn Ldr B A Broad
1939 Sqn Ldr R C Sturgiss 1991 Lt Cdr C L Hamlin RN
1940 Wg Cdr H G Barrett 1993 Sqn Ldr V Kinnin
1941 Wg Cdr A E Taylor 1996 Sqn Ldr S Ivory
1942 Wg Cdr P R Burchall OBE 1998 Mr J D Ness
1943 Sqn Ldr W H Dunton
The Defence School of Photography
(No 2 SOP)
2000 Mr G H Sellars
1945 Wg Cdr C G R Lewis 2010 Mr J J Jarvis
* See  “Roll of Honour” Colonel T E Lawrence