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9 thoughts on “People

  1. Came across the site by chance. I was wondering where you obtained the photographs. There are a few in there that I took, and wondered where you obtained them. Two you do not have names for, I know I took them but for the life of me I cannot put names to the faces. Also in one of the shots of a group from Germany I recognised one of the guys. Interesting though. I’m sure there are some photos of ex RAF photographers I have where I can remember the names!
    B Young


  2. My Dad is Peter Croydon. He graduated from the RAF School of Photography in 1941, I think. He was 17. He graduated with 100 percent mark, which I think was quite unusual. He apparently was entitled to be given a higher rank, but because he was so young, it didn’t happen. Does anyone have any photos, memories of him? Many thanks. Monika Croydon


      1. Thanks, Chris. I’ve sent Dad a message, asking him if he can recall any details that might help – group numbers, other peoples’ names, etc. At 93, his memory is still remarkable, so he will likely come up with something!


  3. I was a Nat Serv photographer, went to Wellesbourne in 1957, then to Wittering. I still have a few pics from then.


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