Pete Cook

Flight Sergeant Peter Cook B.E.M. passed 03 May 2022


Stevie Gee
Per ardua ad astra FS Cook. Respect

Al Scott
RIP Pete….. condolences to family and friends…

David Bassett
So very sad, thank you Dave. Per Ardua Ad Astra Pete

Sponge Beattie
Very sad news RIP

David Hill
Served with Pete at Rheindahlen PRU.
Very sad loss.
Condolences to family and friends, RIP.

Chris Mercer
Very sad news Rest Peacefully, Condolences to family and friends

Moz Gardiner

RIP Pete

Don Stewart

Sincere condolences to family and friends RIP Pete

Dave Peel

Another good one gone

RIP Pete

Jim Carrel

Had the odd round of golf with Pete while serving at Rheindahlen with him. R.I.P. Pete

Tim Chandler
Now there was a character. Gave me my only charge, deserved may I say. RIP Pete.

Rod Scott
RIP Pete sorry to hear of another good guy leaving us

Stephen Allsopp
Fond Memories Pete RIP

Caroline Suggett
So sad we are a dying breed. RIP Pete

Delyth Woods

Neil Thrush
Another respected Photog passed to infinity and beyond. RIP Pete 🙁

Nigel Burton
Condolences to the family, RIP Pete

Robert Stonehouse

Terry Lockett
RIP Pete

Clayton Griffiths
Sad news, RIP Pete

Dave Cartoon
R.I.P. Pete.

Rod Scott
RIP Pete sorry to hear of another good guy leaving us

Gordon McGeachie
Served with Pete at Leuchars and Rheindahlen

Paddy Hill
RIP Pete thoughts with family and friends

Roddy McNeil
RIP Pete Served together at Wyton and Rheindahlen

John Hygate
Very sad to hear that.

Michael Julie Allen
RIP Pete

Chris Billingham
Served with Pete at PRU Rheindahlen. Condolences to family and friends. Rest in peace.