Course Photographs

I’m looking to build a Course Photograph Page, If you have any, add names if you can and please send them my way at

I hope to link up with the RAF Photographers Association collection – links to be added soon

But for the time being you’ll have to just look at what I’ve got so far!!

Boy Entrant Courses

Basic Photographers

Photographic Apprentice Trainees Start at 301 Entry

Air Photographer Operators (APO) – not a complete set but 77 so far

APPS I & II – Long way to go with these

PPA (Photographic Processing Analysts) – courses 1 – 41 with two missing

PI (Photographic Interpreters)

ACF (Air Camera Fitters) – expecting a full set soon!

Photo G (Photographer Ground) – still working on it

Are there any other names?