Please Dad send me £20!!

I joined the RAF and the Photography Trade as a Boy Entrant in October 1957 (32nd Entry). After two weeks, homesick and fed up of being shouted at, I wrote home to my Father – no mobile phones and very few landlines in those days. “Please Dad send me £20 pounds so I can buy myself out, this is not the life for me”.

Ten days later something had ‘clicked’, I had made many new friends and I was enjoying myself. Which was a good job because a letter arrived back from my Father, who informed me that I had pestered him for two years to join up and that I should, “Give it a little bit longer!”

I followed his advice and went from Boy Entrant to Sergeant Boy, Senior Aircraftman to Flight Sergeant, and Flying Officer to Squadron Leader over the next 49 and a half years. Every time I went home I jokingly asked Dad if he had the £20.00 yet and every time he replied, “Give it a little bit longer son!”. Not the only good advice my Father gave me in my life, but certainly the very best.

Vic Kinnin (1934508)

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