Remembrance Parade

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(Tributes are listed, in alphabetical order irrespective of rank. This is not a definitive list and will be added to as we receive the names)

If you know the person’s last rank, or have a photograph or Obituary or any corrections please let us know using the Contact Us page. Or email me at Thank You.


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Page last updated 07 July 2021


Anson Alice Hedy AC1

Kettleborough Dave, Sergeant

Anderson Robert,  Flight Sergeant

Kinnin Vic, Sqn Ldr

Archdale Dave, Sergeant

Kynman Roy Kenneth, LAC

Ashman Gordon, Squadron Leader

Langdon John, Sgt

Atherton Gordon

Lane ‘Bronco’ Corporal

Baker Colin, SAC

Lauchlin Ken

Baldwin Peter, Warrant Officer

Lawrence Brian Sgt

Banbury John ‘Spike’

Lennie Daisy, Sergeant

Barker Ian

Lees Howard Sqn Ldr

Bassett John, Sergeant

Lilley Eric, Sergeant

Bastable Myles, Corporal

Lloyd-Hughes John

Batty Jim

Lock Brian, Sergeant

Beety Colin, Warrant Officer

Loynes Mo, Flight Sergeant

Bessant Brian

Macdonald John, Flt Sgt

Berry Ernest Alfred

MacConachie Archie

Booth Derek

Mallet Paul, SAC

Brain Frank, Petty Officer

Magee Leonard Laurence “Larry”,

Warrant Officer B.E.M.

Brereton John, SAC

Marshall George, Flight Sergeant

Broad Brian, Squadron Leader

Martlew Chris, SAC

Broomhead Max, Sergeant

Mateer Brian

Brown Colin, Warrant Officer

McDonald Pete

Brown Kris, Sergeant

McCarten  Stan

Brown Les, Corporal

McHale Richard “Scotty”, Cpl

Burrel Ian

McKenna William LAC

Burt Mick

McKernan Mick

Cannon John

McNeill Jim

Cant Derek

Middleton Parish

Cassar Sammy, SAC

Miller Jon

Cave Earnie, SAC

Miller Ron

Chance Jerry

Mills Richard, Corporal

Clark Rick, Corporal

Mott Allan Charles

Clucas, Alf

Morgan Eric

Coaker Dave, Sergeant

Morgan Geoff

Cogman Keith

Morris Jack, Warrant Officer

Coleman, Pete

Morrison Geoff

Commons Ron, Warrant Officer

Muir Frank

Corney Phil

Muncie Jimmy

Cottrell Harry

Murray Dave ‘Minty’

Coupland, Martin SAC

Murray John

Cox Al, Warrant Officer

Murphy Tony (Spud), Sergeant

Cox Dave

Nelson Dennis, Warrant Officer

Crilly Andy, Sergeant

Newham David,

Crawford, John Thomas, Corporal

Norman Lynn, Cpl

Dadswell Ray

North Vern, Cpl

Dallaway Paul, SAC

Oates John (Scouse), SAC

Darter Ian Blackford, Warrant Officer

Oliver Herbert, Warrant Officer

Davidson Chris aka Serge, SAC

Oliver Joe

Davies Taff, Flight Sergeant

Osborne Colin, Corporal

Davies Dickie

Orr Mick, Master Aircrew

Day Patricia, LAC

Owens Roger

Dearden Ken

Palmer Arthur

Deare Jack, Flight Sergeant

Parry George, Flight Lieutenant

Dee Simon

Payne Gerry, Flight Sergeant

Dewar John, Warrant Officer

Payne Ronnie (Wife of Gerry)

Dixon Frederick Stanley, Flying Officer

Peach Dave

Dobbs Mick SAC

Peachy Stan

Downing Maurice, SAC

Perrin Anthony (Fred)

Dunbar Joe, Warrant Officer

Petrie Ian (Jock) Sgt

Duvalle Mel 

Plant John

East Neil, Warrant Officer

Pollitt Mike

Edwards Kai

Powell Emlyn ‘Dai’

Edwards Spike SAC

Powell Hilton John

Eggleston Jack, Warrant Officer

Pratt Dennis, Corporal

Elliot Roy, Warrant Officer

Price ?,  Flight Lieutenant

English Dave, Squadron Leader

Proudfoot Ian ‘Kookie’, Corporal

Ewins Ken

Pryce Mick

Farmer Rick

Quinney John

Fielder Ken

Rea John

Fincham Eric Roy (George), SAC

Rees Dave

Fisher Len, Sergeant

Riccardi Peter SAC

Fitzpatrick Fitz

Richardson “Rick” Ian

Forbes George

Roberts Mo, Sergeant

Fordham E. H. (Ted), Warrant Officer

Rogers Geoff

Forshaw Des, Flight Lieutenant

Rolfe Steve, Corporal

Freeman Eric

Ross Colin ‘Archie’, SAC

Frendo Johnny, Sergeant

Rudd, Susan

Gay Lance, Cpl

Rumbles Dave

Gladwin Mick, Warrant Officer

Saxby Graham, Squadron Leader

Goshawk George Frederick

Sellers (nee Rudd) Susan

Gough Cyril,  Flight Sergeant

Shepherd John Corporal

Green John

Symcox Peter, Flight Sergeant

Green Nigel, SAC

Sinclair Jim, Squadron Leader

Green Stephen

Smart Ray, SAC

Greenhalgh Tony

Smith Bruce, Flight Sergeant

Greenhalgh, Stevie

Smith Clive

Gregg Simon

Smith Jim

Grimshaw Jon

Snow Stan, Warrant Officer

Hackett Ray

Spires Pete, Corporal

Hale ‘Binny’ Warrant Officer

Stewart Don Sergeant

Hanlan Richard ‘Rick’, SAC

Stubbs Pete, Sergeant

Hartley Bill Barron, Sergeant

Stone Roy (Slim) Sergeant

Harris Martin, SAC

Sutherland Clive, Flight Sergeant

Harrison Rex

Swallow Mick, Flight Lieutenant

Hatcher Robbie, Sergeant

Sydney George Cpl

Hawes Ray SAC

Tanner Brian ‘Woof’

Hazelwood Tony (Twiggy)

Taylor Brian, Sqn Leader

Headley Charles

Taylor Ted, Flight Sergeant

Hearne Graham, Flight Sergeant

Temple Alan

Henwood Dave

Thackeray Martin

Hester Les

Thurlow ‘Red’ Flight Sergeant

Heaton Graham, Sergeant

Trent Paul

Hewitt Jean

Trotter Paul

Hills Alan

Tulloch Douglas William

Hooper David Robert, Flt Sgt

Vokes Paul, SAC

Hope Sydney

Vickers Sy

Hopewell Brian

Waite “Ricky”,  Squadron Leader

Hopkins John

Watkins, D.J. Flight Lieutenant

DFC, CdG avec Palme

Hughes Gordon, Wing Cdr

Weeks John (Jumbo)

Humphrey Alex, Cpl

Westerman Stan, SAC  

Humphrey Dave, Sergeant

Whitter Dave

Humphrey Peter, Warrant Officer

Whittle Ben

Jack Pete, Sergeant

Willcock Ted

Jackson Colin

Wilkes Harry, Warrant Officer

Jackson Peter

Wilkins Peter, Flight Sergeant

Jenkins David, Sergeant

Willsher Stephen

Jewitt Len

Wood John, Corporal

Johnston Allan

Woollcott Christopher, SAC

Jones David

Woosnam Garth

Jones Doug

Wright Jim, Flight Lieutenant

Jones Fred, Flight Sergeant

Wyatt John “Woody”

Joy Dave

Young Paul SAC

Judd Tony, Sergeant




37 thoughts on “Remembrance Parade

  1. Harold (Harry) Wilkes. Last rank Warrant Officer. Please will you update the information for my husband. Many Thanks


  2. Hi A Little info on SAC Colin Baker as listed above. Colin Joined the RAF as a Boy Entrant with myself and 10 other lads at Cosford for a Photographer II course in September 21st 1960 in the 41st Entry from Cosford Colin was posted with myself to RAF Wittering in Bomber Command he then went off the RAF Gutersloh I went to RAF Bruggen — he then got an exchange posting to Bruggen — Colin was always a very popular lad and a great Motor Cycle fanatic – he also helped run the Scout Troop in Germany — Seven members of the 41st are still in contact and we meet up every two years and all have great memories of Colin. From Cpl Ralph Hoult now residing in his home town of Ramsgate


    1. I recall Colin coming to Rheindahlen on his BSA Spitfire of which we were very envious.
      He visited a few times. I did not know him well but recall him sharing his bottle of Drambuie when we attended the Elephant rally at the Nürburgring in 67. The only thing that kept me from freezing sleeping in my tent at 12 below C.


  3. Sadly I have just heard via the Brixmis annual news letter that SAC Nigel Green has passed away sometime this year. He was a Brixmis member from 1963 until 1965. I have no other details.


  4. I was informed recently that Dave Newham (Sgt Photo G) passed way sometime in 2017. I knew Dave and I know he served in Germany, I became friends with him when he and I were Instructors at JSOP Cosford, and afterwards at his last posting as i/c at Cranwell.
    After demob. he resided in Tewkesbury.


  5. Please can you add the following. Peter Riccardi Joined 28th Jan 1960 39th Entry Cosford.Died 1992. I am uncertain of rank but he passed out LAC reccomended SAC


  6. How about Johnny Frendo [Sgt Photo G RAF Malta.] RAF LUQA. 1970S – 80S? I think that he died about 9 years ago.


    1. Hi Phil

      Do your remember how old John Frendo was when we served with him in 1974, I had a drink with him on a Malta visit in about 2000.


      1. Hi Dave, I seem to remember him being a lot older than me, about 40ish. He used to tell tales of Malta during the war. A very nice man.
        Glad to see you are ok Dave.


      2. Hi Steve
        Thank you for the reply, I remember a John as being about that age now but as we were only in our early 20,s it is hard to imagine, where have the years gone?😩


  7. Rick Farmer RAF Boy Entrant of 21st September 1960 — 41st Entry Photographer passed away recently — funeral took place in Brighton and attended by fellow 41st Entry Photogs Ralph Hoult & John Fraser representing the remaining members of the 41st Photogs


  8. Ref: SAC Nigel Green on the site. Wondering if it was the same guy who I had as an SAC at Bruggen in 86-87 in the Ground section. Don Lambert


    1. According to Stan Leeds earlier – “He was a Brixmis member from 1963 until 1965”
      I seem to remember a SAC Nigel Green at Northolt from about ’87; he might have been trying for commission at the time if I remember right. Might he be who you’re thinking of? – I wondered the same!


  9. I heard some time ago that SAC Stan Westerman (Gutersloh and Laarbruch) passed away. Also (unless I am totally wrong, Jon Grimshaw. Does anyone know if Squadron Leader Arthur Chorley is still around?

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  10. Another sad loss although from a while back is RAF Malta SAC Sammy Cassar. I was told whilst on holiday a few years ago by his cousin, who owned a photographer’s shop that he had died of cancer back in the 80’s. Sammy was a very popular guy. Although RAF Malta, he did a tour in Cyprus back in the 60’s.


  11. Hi Chris

    Mick Orr was on a GIT course with me at RAF Newton in 1982 and was promoted to Master Aircrew if you want to add his rank to the Memorial


  12. Hi so sad to hear of Mick Orr death . His no was x1960875 as mine was y1960876 .He was a great lad who suffered a lot as a youngster with boils on his back etc which he made very light of.He was called “bristles” by us in 304 As a point of interest I was at Bruggen in 1967 and his father was a Chief Tech in MT there Pete Roberts.


  13. What an absolutely way of remembering all those brilliant people.
    Garth Woosnam was a Sgt when he retired.


  14. Dear Kris,
    Some considerable time ago I added the following names to the Remembrance Parade, I hoped that someone who knew them better than myself might add an obituary for them but this has not happened.
    Flight Sergeant Clive Sutherland and Stan Snow.
    My knowledge of Clive was literally what I have written, we never served together at a normal station so I know nothing of his family life, maybe this will jog someone’s memory. Stan I did know a bit better but his service before 1958 is a mystery to me & he rarely talked about his past. I hope this will be O.K. for you to add to their names at some time.

    Like many of my good friends in the association I am knocking on a bit now so felt the need to write this as many people will not know them, I see many names with no information about them which is a shame as somebody went to the trouble to inform you about them, maybe like me the information they have is incomplete but better that than nothing.

    Thank you for the job you do running the site & keep up the good work.

    All the Best, Ian Evans


  15. Hi Kris, hope all is well with you and congratulations on the ever-improving website.

    I was looking at the Remembrance Parade, I think Frank Brian should be Frank Brain – am I right?



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