Sam Sloan

From Rod Scott

It is with incredible sadness that I have learned a dear friend, Sam Sloan has passed away. Lovely man will be missed.

Gordy Elias
Wow, that’s properly out of the blue. RIP Sam.

Chris Kakol
Bugger!! I was on my Photo G PR course at Cosford with Sam in November 1985 before being posted to RAF Laarbruch the following January. Didn’t know him well and never saw him since, but I do remember him fondly as a bit of a character. I always thought he would have been a good guy to work with in a section. Hope he had a good life.

Douglas Shorter
I can only add that I am also shocked at this news. I liked Sam I had a few good laughs with him. Not seen him or heard of him much once I was posted to Gatow from Northolt in 87. A sad day. Condolences to all his family.

Dave Whiteman
Sad news indeed. RIP Sam.

Steve Tindale
RIP Sam.

Dave Sherfield
Terrible shock to hear of the passing of Sam. So many great days we spent out. Happy memories
RIP Sam.

Andy Richardson
RIP Sam, you left behind many happy memories, you’ll not be forgotten! 😪

Dave Fergus
I’ll always have some great memories of Sam Sloan , he really put himself out when the RAFP were trying to arrest me one time. R.I.P

James Mitchell
Very shocked indeed. I was at Cosford with Sam when on our G courses. I later ran into him in Rheindahlen on a few visits there in 1982-4 when based at Gutersloh, later at Wycombe but most recently in Brighton & Hove. A really great character who will be sadly missed. Blue skies Sam.

Shaw Rodrigues
Oh my god, great man and always great company. I met him in Brighton a couple of years ago and had amazing banter. Will raise a glass to him tonight.

Dave Fergus
Sam left the RAF in the late 80’s to work in Saudi Arabia I think it was as a commercial photographer, he came back and located to Scotland and became one of the top photographers, for example RBS were one of his clients among many other household names. I’ll remember him fondly. R.I.P

James Tuddenham
Knew Sam from RIC (N ) , 84 – 85 ish, top bloke, his passing is a shock, remember he sold his car to Darryl Wray, Ford Fiesta I think, PSR 162Y, can see Sam now in my mind, RIP Sam

One thought on “Sam Sloan

  1. I first met Sam in Germany when we worked together on highly sensitive military ‘imagery’.
    I was only a Cpl then but his immediate boss. We soon became good friends both at work and play. We even shared a Barack room for a while. He even lent me his MG Metro when he went home on leave.
    Sam was just an unbelievably likeable man, a great photographer and up for any task ….. even the ghastly ones that nobody else would touch …. Many stories there.
    We hung out together at bike Rallys and bars and got up to all sorts of mischief. He was a weekend guest at my then girlfriends flat in Camden when things were at a low point in a posting he didn’t want or deserve.
    He helped me out at weddings and photo shoots when I was on my PR course.
    I loved riding passenger in his super MGB sports car around Camden in the ‘80s.
    I’ll never forget his wonderful sense of humour and rich accent .
    Sam, I’ll miss seeing you; We had a date to fix for a reunion!
    God bless


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