Sgt Dave Jenkins

Dave Jenkins1930 – 2015
22 years RAF service
25 years Instructor Joint Shool Of Photography


Born in 1930 in South Wales, Dave was orphaned by the time he was 11 years old. He was brought up by his Aunt in Kent, but this house was subsequently destroyed by a V1 flying bomb and he was placed as a boarder at the Royal School in Wolverhampton, his first introduction to the RAF Cosford nearby.

He joined the RAF in 1948 at the age of 17½ as a qualified photographer in his own right. After formal training he worked on many types of aircraft at UK bases all of which are long regressed into history. Following these postings within the UK, he found himself in the midst of the emergency situation in Malaya in 1950 and later, back in the UK, Dave arrived at Pembroke Dock working on Sunderland flying boats. He also managed to serve at Wahn and Geilenkirchen in Germany before arriving at the RAF School of Photography at Wellesbourne, taking up duties as an Instructor.

In 1957, a short time was spent in Aden before he was casevaced home with an ulcer and after recovering he met Olwyn at Stradishall. Soon after their marriage they went to Rheindahlen where sons Andy and Glynn were born in 1963 and 1964 respectively. Tours at Wyton and Marham followed before his last tour of duty at JSOP Cosford after 22 years.

He began his second career almost immediately and rose to take the office of Training Supervisor (as the HIO) in 1981. His retirement in 1995 was not his last connection with the RAF, however. He become deeply involved with the transfer of the JSOP Museum to the new site in the public domain at the RAF Museum, Cosford as a Millennium project. The late Lord Lichfield performed the opening ceremony on 16th June 2000.

In a touching letter of tribute by Mick Lebetter, he said:

“His many years at JSOP meant that he knew everybody and everything worth knowing about RAF photography. Dave was a wise, kindly and considerate boss, as well as a very good friend”.


To see Dave’s funeral service sheet click here

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