Stan Snow

Stan was one of the pre war boy entrants photographers at Farnborough, on the rare times he talked about his training it made our training look very easy ! He was my first boss at the Photo Factory, Wyton, a very busy environment with a large number of personnel which seemed to operate very well.

He was interested in making sure the new tradesmen got a good grounding in the various sections within the building & encouraged us all to gain the experience available.

I next met up with him late 1965 at Akrotiri where he ran the Station Photographic Section, for the size of the station the section was quite small dealing with the Station ground photography, four Canberra Squadrons using G45 cine cameras & a F95 when required plus handling the PR9’s from both 13 & 39 from Luqa.

Stan was a very hands on boss who would often be found in the darkrooms & he found a lot of satisfaction from seeing a job done well. The Canberra’s did frequent detachments to Sharjah & he always ensured that the families in Limassol were visited & he & his wife Mary would call in with any mail which was much appreciated. At the end of his tour he was posted to St. Mawgan & finished his service there settling down in the local area. I heard of his death but cannot remember when this occurred.

Personally I found him to be a very good boss, always immaculate in uniform or civvies & he set an example to many in the way he dealt with all the many people who met him.

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