Stevie Greenhalgh

Ian Ashford A great guy, sorely missed. Had the privilege of having Greenthing on my team over 2 postings, a great friend and of course the best front man ever..! RIP.

David Abel Lovely bloke.

Geordie Robinson I first met punchy Steve at Wildenrath, then in the Falklands in 2005. Great lad, happy memories although most of them blurred (not cos he was a photo G) through drink! RIP Greenthing

Heidi Burton Gash Riprock, gone but definitely never forgotten! Can’t believe that’s 10 years since he left 😦

Ian Rossiter RIP

Richard Hugh Marshall How time flies-literally. I remember Archie Forsyth phoning me to inform me of Steve’s passing. A great bloke. RIP

Ian Ashford I remember that call… a moment that I will never forget.

Darren James Sedgwick 3 mad years at rheindahlen, great times, mad times, still think of Greenthing everytime I hear Van Halen. A good bloke and true friend, keep the rock live and loud up there pal 🤘

Ian Ashford Darren James Sedgwick rock on..! 🎤

Rick Mellor Worked with Steve at Laarbruch, great guy. R.I.P.

Dave Fergus R.I.P Stevie

Ian 父 Lang Blimey 10 years.
Hope your resting well matey. Cheers

Mark Ford Worked with Steve at Northolt many years ago. I left in. 91.
Didn’t realised he’d passed. RIP brother.

Andy Richardson I picked up and hosted Greenthing when he 1st arrived at Wildenrath…The rest of the weekend was blurred after visiting the rugby club….great memories! An amazing bloke sadly missed by many, RIP Steve!

Gareth Davies Wow indeed😔…some wild and unmentionable nights out with Greenthing and of course a great, great front man for the mighty Warlords, RIP mate

One thought on “Stevie Greenhalgh

  1. Cracker of a lad, met Steve at Lossiemouth prior to going on to do the ground course conversion, he was a great fella, full of fun but also a true professional and a great teacher in my case. Rest well Stevie.


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