The Memorial Paving Stone

The memorial stone is engraved as a line etching taken from the Royal Air Force School of Photography badge originally designed by the Royal College of Heraldry and signed by His Majesty King George VI in 1939

York stone material was chosen for the project due to its hard wearing construction and durability



RAF Photographers
Memorial Stone
Membership (list of contributors)
(First name order) (Family name order)
Al Eatwell Ash Dave
Al King Ashman Derek
Al Marsh Astell John
Andrew Marsay Barclay Andy
Andy Barclay Bassett Dave
Andy Malthouse Beattie Richard (Sponge)
Andy Wain Boon Mick
Ben Stevenson Border Tam
Charlie Gunter Brewell Rick
Chris Chiverton Brewster Tony
Chris Dickerson Broad Darren
Chris Goodwin Broad Pat
Chris Nicholls Broad Tina
Chris Pettmen Brown Mark
Chris Twiner Brydon Neil
Dale Hunt Burton Heidi
Darren Broad Butcher Simon
Daryl Harries Cargill Jim
Dave Ash Carter Louise
Dave Bassett Chiverton Chris
Dave Beeton Chorley John
Dave Derrick Corrigan Martin
Dave Humphrey Cowell-Clark Nigell
Dave Peel Crouch Paul
Dave Sherfield Dave Beeton
Dave Whiteman Derrick Dave
Dave Whittaker-Smith Dickerson Chris
Dave Whitter Doak Jezz
Derek Ashman Dobson Tracy
Don Stewart Dyson Steve
Gary Worsley Eatwell Al
Geoff Oxley Eggleston Peter
Geoffrey Massey Fenney George
George Fenney Floyd Sharron
George Webb Goodwin Chris
Gerry Linstead Gunter Charlie
Glenn Iverson Hammond Tim
Graham Taylor Harries Daryl
Heidi Burton Hawkes John
Hilary Roberts (IWM) Hill Paddy
Ian Trimble Holland Pete
Jezz Doak Howes Kevin
Jim Cargill Humphrey Dave
John Astell Hunt Dale
John Chorley Hutchison John
John Hawkes Iverson Glenn
John Hutchison King Al
John MacDonald Kinnin Vic
John Molyneux Kinnin Wendy
Kevin Howes Knight Terry
Kris Mercer Lancaster Paul
Louise Carter Linstead Gerry
Mac McIvor Locket Terry
Mal Price Lympany Stephen
Marina Wall (nee Humphrey) MacDonald John
Mark Brown Malthouse Andy
Mark McKenzie Marsay Andrew
Mark (Geordie) Robinson Marsh Al
Martin Corrigan Massey Geoffrey
Mick Boon McIvor Mac
Mike Speake McKenzie Mark
Neil Brydon Mercer Kris
Neil Rogers Mobbs Pete
Nigel Cowell-Clark Molyneux John
Ollie Jenkins Murphy Tina
Paddy Hill Murray Pete
Pat Broad Nicholls Chris
Paul Crouch Jenkins Ollie
Paul Lancaster Oxley Geoff
Pete Holland Peel Dave
Pete Mobbs Pettman Chris
Pete Murray Powel Trudi (nee Broad)
Peter Eggleston Price Mal
Phil Smith Raimondo Sally
Richard (Sponge) Beattie Rickwood Rick
Rick Brewell Roberts Hilary (IWM)
Rick Rickwood Robinson Mark (Geordie)
Rod Scott Rogers Neil
Sally Raimondo Rutter Stuart
Sharron Floyd Scott Rod
Simon Butcher Sherfield Dave
Stephen Lympany Smith Phil
Steve Dyson Speake Mike
Stuart Rutter Stevenson Ben
Tam Border Stewart Don
Terry Knight Taylor Graham
Terry Lockett Trimble Ian
Tim Hammond Twiner Chris
Tina Broad Wain Andy
Tina Murphy Wall Marina (nee Humphrey)
Tony Brewster Webb George
Tracy Dobson Whiteman Dave
Trudi Powell (nee Broad) Whittaker-Smith Dave
Vic Kinnin Whitter Dave
Wendy Kinnin Worsley Gary

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