Tribute to a man that made a difference – Dave Humphrey

Dave Humphrey
by Dave Bassett

Order of Service Sheet  View Dave’s Funeral service sheet here







Gareth Bufton A true gentleman-who I learnt a lot from.

Steve Costello Jeez. That’s so sad. Thanks for posting.

Paddy Hill Very sad news such a gentleman and a legend within the trade. He was my instructor in 1985, he will be missed. His name should appear at the top of the memorial stone. thank you Gerry for the posting please let us know when the funeral will take place.

Sarah Merry So sad to hear this. He was my instructor in 1995. He will be missed very much xx

Terry Knight Sorry to hear about the passing of another ‘Brother’. Rest easy Humph, you left your legacy through us all

Peter Murray Very sad news. As Terry said above “You left your legacy through us all”. It was a privilege to have known him.

Richard Severn Terrible news … very sad indeed !! I will never forget both him and Brian Body teaching us to be photogs !! 😦

Steve Mullis RIP Salute

Mick Gladwin Sad news, a great loss.

Steve Barnett Gutted 😦 RIP big man

Malcolm Kemp A great shock, he gave so much to the Profession and there will be no equal. A real Friend to all who knew him.

David Bassett So sad, our condolences to Carole and family. A Legend passes RIP Dave you will be sadly missed my friend. xx

Martin Chadwick A true legend. Guess most of us owe him for passing on his knowledge during our various training courses. Loved his stories and will miss his wit and wisdom.

John Whitehead Dave Humphrey left a lasting impression on everyone he taught including myself. A very generous and honest soul indeed.

Stewart Plant Gutted to read this, a top guy and always remember his stories of being with the ‘funny farm’ in Suez

Geoffrey Massey I only ever met him at the reunions but he was a nice bloke. Always sad when one of us passes away.

Heidi Burton I’m in shock, this is such sad, sad news. He is a true legend, without a shadow of a doubt and he made a massive impression on me during basic photography training. He will be missed massively. RIP Dave Humph. X

Victor Kinnin RIP old friend, Wendy and I will miss you. Condolences to Carole and family.

David Ketcher Thanks Gerry for this sad news. RIP Dave, it was a pleasure to have known you. Condolences to Carole.

Kris Mercer That is such sad news, that is one name I didn’t want to have to put on the Remembrance parade. Condolences to Carole.

Barbara Nile Our sincere condolences to the family, sorry to hear such sad news. Paul & Barbara

Andy Richardson A true gent that has taught generations! So gutted to here this sad news he will be very much missed. RIP Dave It has Been a pleasure to have known you!

Steve Dyson Very sad news, he  a Dad to us when we were young, steered is through the early days, lucky enough to work with him at the school

Gareth Mills An absolute legend, I’m gutted, he will be greatly missed.😞

Chris Chiverton What sad news. A photographer and a gentleman. Always had time for you and always with a smile.

Stan Leeds Very sad news, Dave was a great man with a great big heart, he really will be missed. RIP Dave

Paul Edward Atkinson RIP Dave. A true legend of the trade. Thoughts and condolences to his family

Rick Mellor A very sad loss, condolences to his family.

Charles Gunter Very sad news. I never served with him but had the pleasure of meeting him at Cosford last year.

Stephen Weir Ah shite.

Paul Oldfield That’s really sad, one of the nicest blokes and best photography instructor I ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Chris Weissenborn A huge loss, will never forget him, his love for photography was infectious, one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. RIP you fine gentleman.

John Freestone More than a friend and colleague – an absolute TG14 legend! Thursday’s at the DSOP ” Centenary Room ” will never be the same.

Gary Wort What a sad loss, a great guy, can’t add anymore as its all been said

Dave Whitter So sad news words fail me Jack Egg was Mr Sensi Dave Mr Photog

Ian Jackson very sad news he was a good man

Steve Fitton Shocking news to hear of. A true Gentleman and a very sad loss.

Derek Booth Sad news indeed.

Ian Jackson hope someone from the school will set up a collection so we can donate online

Andy Hayward So sad

Roger Bell Can’t believe it. One of the great photog ‘Dons’.

Colin Jackson he was a nice chap, my first instructor.

Michael Windle So sorry to hear this sad news. Dave and I first met at Wellsbourne in 1959 and our paths have crossed several times since. Super chap; a great loss to the trade

Wo Willie A true gent. RIP Dave

Dave Clough what a shame.

Greig Storer Well thats just rubbish news. Dave was awesome and a great insperation for our trade. My thoughts are with his family. Really bad news. R.I.P. Mr Sensi 🙂

Ian Prendergast Sad news.

Adam Sorensen Sad news, true legend of the trade. RIP

Don Lambert Very sad news. Always had a smile on his face. Our thoughts are with his family. Don Lambert

Jez Doak Just very sad. It’s all been said…..just very very sad 😢

Chris Nichols Very sad news. 😒

Ian Ashford RIP Mr Humphrey.

Tony Hobson He was a true gentleman.

Mark Brown RIP Dave, a true gent and a font of knowledge to many .

Mac McIvor A great chap who will be sadly missed by all Photogs….

George Fenney My mentor and a good friend, we will all miss Dave immensley. our thoughts are with Carole and family. RIP Dave.x

Barney Baker God Bless you Mr Humphrey, you will be missed

Paul Saxby A great loss and will be sorely missed. A true legend..

David Abel Fantastic instructor, mentor and friend, the very finest ambassador not only for TG14 but the RAF as a whole. His humility, integrity and great spirit will be sadly missed by all. Deepest condolences to family and other friends a. Farewell Mr H you will be remembered.

Alan Eatwell Can’t really get my head around this. Did so much for the Museum, school and RAF. Happy memories of HQRAFG in the 70s and last year at the school open day, RIP mate

Nigel Hopkins Had the pleasure to meet him last year at the Cosford anniversary he will be a great loss just a small word in my Celtic language (T’n edrich Lawr am Bobl ffotografieth nawr T’n un guda Iesi Christ) trans= Your looking down on the photographic people now your with Jesus Christ.

Dolina Day No way! 😢 Sad news

Richard Severn very sad

Neil Thrush This is an unexpected shock, someone who will be spoken about with great affection for many years to come, he lived and breathed the photographic world. RIP 😱

Ian Lang Some may even say Neil he was the Military Photographic world. The school wouldn’t have been the same without him as the trade.

Francine McKay Really? That’s sad.

Andy Stevens RIP very sad loss

Si Fudge Blake So sad. A true gent and a legend. R.I.P

Paul Matthews Very sad.

Steve Gregory Sad to hear you’ve gone, my Uncle Dave. Like bis dad an RAF man to the end.

Gary Worsley RIP Mr Humphrey. APP2/32 will always be grateful to you!!

Steve Parker So much respect for this guy, really helped me through two app2 courses. Was so pleased to have chatted to him at the recent jsop open day. RIP to a great man. Thank you

James Poole Very sad news indeed. We served together as instructors at the old “JSOP”. A true gent who has done so much for not only his students, but for TG14 as a whole and as a collator for all things RAF Photo. He will certainly be missed by all who knew him. RIP Dave

Ian Clare Really sorry to hear about the passing of Dave Humphrey, a great loss. Thoughts are with Carol and family. RIP Dave.

Schrödinger Cat  I was given a mentor, who gave me very little advice. But Dave and I got on, his love of “correct” film processing was only match by my own. He allowed me to store some of my film in the fridge in his office. ” I never got the IR film back” when the dark rooms were taken out. We would just spend time talking about the versamat. I was not a PhotoG but I spent years getting a GBar right. Dave in the digital age, was not a just a man that talked about film and processing he was like me missing the skills that we had to learn. He said to me “film will come back” I hope he is right and all these TOY digital photographers can live up to his legacy. – goodbye Dave – I will miss you lots…

Robert Bishop Oh, that is soo sad, as David Abel said, what a great ambassador for the trade, he’ll be sadly missed!

Daryl Harries Sad news Dave, A Legend of our trade. RIP Dave, Duty done, stand easy😭😭.

Ben Stevenson Very sad news. RIP Mr Humphrey

Alan Marsh Hell of a nice guy, sorry to hear the news, my condolences to his family Xx

Don Stewart  I was really hoping to have made it to the celebration of the life of David Humphrey tomorrow but circumstances have prevented it. I hope the trade past and present give him a good send off. Rest in peace old friend you will be missed more than you would ever have imagined.

18 thoughts on “Tribute to a man that made a difference – Dave Humphrey

  1. The mesages left here speak volumes for the respect and affection felt for Mr Humpries. He touched the lives and inspired so many Photogs. He will always be remembered as a consumate professional and a true gentleman. RIP, Dave.


  2. RIP Dave, a true gentleman and a sad loss to the world of military photography. It was an honour and a privilege to have worked with you and call you a friend. Our thoughts are with Carol and family at this sad time.


  3. Thank you for your selfless dedication. You have left a lasting impression for all who had the privilege to know you.


  4. The tributes from ‘Photogs’ across the generations demonstrate the respect, admiration and affection ‘Mr H’ was and is held in. Deepest sympathy and respects to family and friends alike.


  5. news of dear Dave’s passing only just reached an old friend in Melbourne Australia. So many memories of the 60s when Dave was the NATO photographer based in Malta. He showed my family around Malta and we in turn, Tripoli, Libya. R.I.P dearest Dave.


  6. Now i lay my head to rest
    My weary day is done
    I thank you God, the airman
    These gifts for me have won
    Lead them ever wisely
    That their course be
    Sure and swift
    Made clear the path of victory
    Their darkness soon to lift
    Hold them in your loving care
    And may they know this day
    The freedom
    That their courage grants
    God bless and guide their way.


  7. Dave was to me the perfect example of our chosen profession, who did so much to raise standards in every way he possibly could both during and after his long service career. Definitely one who will always be remembered. R.I.P.


  8. Dave was a shining star in the RAF, training Photographers to Learn the skills he had, his knowledge was like a dictionary,
    RIP Dave , you’ve earned it, Now join your friends up in Heaven,, they will be holding up the bar, drinks on them…Have one from us down below….xx


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