Vernon North

201 Cpl Vernon North (retired) passed away yesterday. 22 May 2021. Vern served his full 22 years with postings all over the world, most notably and remembered were RAF Wyton, Brampton, Laarbruch and JHQ Rheindahlen. After retiring from the RAF dad set up his own driving school and expanded this to a successful HGV driving school until the call to return home to Yorkshire was too strong, and he retired. Never one to be idle, after about a year he returned to work at DST Leconfield as a driving instructor and had great success teaching Gurkha soldiers. Finally, retired, he loved to travel and spent a lot of time in Spain with wife Glynis. He was instrumental with myself in the resurrection of the local RBL branch and was chairman of the branch and also sat on the RBL County team. Dad was very proud (as were the family) of his military service and was very content with his lot as he would say and had some great lifelong friends from the RAF. He leaves behind his Wife Glynis, children Sandra and Frazer, 5 grandchildren and 6.5 great grandchildren. (one still in the oven). Photo from 2019 on a visit to Arnhem.

Renny McIvor
Just heard that Vern North passed away today 22 May 2021. Thoughts are with Glynis and family. RIP mate

Malcolm Moss
RIP Vern.

Tony Gibson
RIP Vern Condolences to the family

Chris Nichols
Another nice guy gone. RIP Vern.

Don Stewart
RIP Vern, thanks for the memories. Condolences to the family.

Mel Heyward
RIP Vern – the reason I am a better driver than Keith Heyward!
Condolences to Glynis & the family xx

Mick Power
RIP Vern, it was a pleasure knowing you. Condolences to the family.

Will McConnell

Kris Mecer
RIP Vern

Al King
RIP, Vern.

Al Scott
RIP Vern….. thoughts with your family…

Chris Nichols
Condolences to Your family Frazer. RIP Vernon.

Stevie Gee
Condolences to you all and RIP Vernon.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

Tony Gibson
RIP Vern, a true gentle man

George Lambert
R I P stand down .

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